Robert Kirkman retorts tweet by “Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter

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Robert Kirkman, creator of “The Walking Dead” comic-book series and executive producer of AMC’s TV adaptation, is breaking his silence about the controversy rocking the zombie hit series.

On Dec. 21, when AMC and Glen Mazzara announced the showrunner’s shocking departure, Kirkman released his own cookie-cutter statement expressing his “full support” of the decision. But until today, he has not responded to the outcry led by vocal critics such as Shawn Ryan and Kurt Sutter.

After the “Sons of Anarchy” creator followed up his profanity-fueled blog attack today with another condemnation on Twitter today (Dec. 24), Kirkman fired back.

“@sutterink is brilliant and Sons is my favorite show on TV. Still, it’s upsetting to see him ranting about things he knows nothing about,” wrote Kirkman, less than an hour after Sutter’s following Christmas Eve slam:

“AMC sent me a gift basket filled with sour tastes, forbidden fruit, broken promises and the marinated tongue used to lick kirkman’s a**,” said Sutter, whose biker drama airs on the FX network.

Kirkman took the edge off, however, with a tongue-in-cheek (ahem) follow-up:

“Except that marinated tongue thing … That thing is awesome. Merry Christmas!

Walking Dead #106 will offer Limited Editon Cover to celebrate 100 issues of Adlard

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The Walking Dead issue #106 will be on store shelves soon. This issue will be the 100th issue done by artist Charlie Adlard. The company Infinity & Beyond is offering a limited edition cover only available through their online store. The cover is a throwback to the issue #1 cover, coincidentally one that Charlie did not draw himself. The cover features Charlie standing outside the store holding a rifle with zombies seen in the window. The ground of the picture features personal items to Charlie: a Star Wars Lego kit, a blue car, and a drum kit (Charlie is in a band called Cosmic Rays).

Priced at 12.99 UK Pounds (around $20.00 US), this comic is limited to only 2000 copies. Also, Charlie will be signing some of the issues before release.

Head over to to place your order today!

The Walking Dead wins Satellite Awards

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The 17th annual Satellite Awards were held on 12/16/2012 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Beverly Hills. And the TV show The Walking Dead walked away with some of the award pie.

The Walking Dead won for Best Television Series, Genre. It was a tough group to win, and the show was able to top American Horror Story (FX), Supernatural (The CW), Fringe (Fox), Grimm (NBC), and newcomers Once Upon a Time (ABC) and Arrow (The CW).  The show also was awarded the Special Achievement Award for Best TV Ensemble.

Other winners this year include The Big Bang Theory (comedy, CBS), Homeland (drama, Showtime), Les Miserables (best ensemble, motion picture), and Terence Stamp (outstanding contribution to the entertainment industry).

Other AMC shows received nominations as well. Mad Men earned two nods for best Actor and Supporting Actress. Breaking Bad nabbed three nominations for Actor, Supporting Actor and Best Drama Series.

The Satellite Awards are an annual award given by the International Press Academy. The awards were originally known as the Golden Satellite Awards. In 2011, Satellite nominations in the motion picture categories have been pared down from 22 to 19 classifications; the change reflects the merger of drama and comedy under a general Best Picture heading, including the Best Actor/Actress headings and the Supporting headings.

The acceptance video is below.

Glen Mazzara steps down as showrunner for The Walking Dead as show gets approved for 4th season

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(from the LA Times)

Just in time for the holidays, AMC has quite a surprise for fans of “The Walking Dead.” The megahit zombie series has been picked up for a fourth season, but will continue without showrunner Glen Mazzara at the helm.

In a statement Friday announcing the show’s pickup – all but a foregone conclusion, given its record-setting ratings – AMC also dropped the bombshell that Mazzara would no longer be involved with the series beyond the current season, which resumes in February.

“The two parties have mutually decided to part ways,” AMC said in the statement. “Glen guided the series creatively for seasons 2 and 3. AMC is grateful for his hard work. We are both proud of our shared success.”

The statement strongly hints at creative differences between Mazzara and the powers that be at AMC: “Both parties acknowledge that there is a difference of opinion about where the show should go moving forward, and conclude that it is best to part ways.  This decision is amicable and Glen will remain on for post-production on season 3B as showrunner and executive producer.”

Given the show’s gangbuster ratings — it recently became the first cable series to win the fall TV ratings in the much-coveted 18-to-49 demographic — a creative shakeup of this magnitude comes as a big surprise.

But adding to the drama is the fact that Mazzara is now the second showrunner to part from “The Walking Dead” under mysterious circumstances, following theexit of series creator Frank Darabont during production of season 2.

When Darabont left, there were rumors of conflicts over budget and creative direction – many fans and critics were frustrated by the show’s meandering second season – but under Mazzara, the first half of season 3 of “The Walking Dead” appeared to be back on track.

So why are the showrunners at “The Walking Dead” about as safe and secure as the survivors of the zombie apocalypse? It’s unclear. Whatever the case may be, AMC and the various creative forces behind the show are maintaining a public show of unity – for now, anyway.

“My time as showrunner on ‘The Walking Dead’ has been an amazing experience, but after I finish season 3, it’s time to move on,” Mazzara said in a statement. “I have told the stories I wanted to tell and connected with our fans on a level that I never imagined. It doesn’t get much better than that. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey.”


Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd weighed in with a statement signaling her support for the decision and her confidence “that the series is in great hands with one of the most talented and dedicated casts and crews in the business.”

And executive producer Robert Kirkman, author of the graphic novels on which “The Walking Dead” is based, had this to say:  “I am in full support of both AMC and Glen Mazzara in the decision they have come to and believe the parties came to this decision in the best interest of the future of the show. … I believe the future is bright for ‘The Walking Dead.’ Thank you to the fans for your continued support.”

SPOOF: The Walking Dead Christmas Special (video)

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Take a look at this Youtube video from creator Jason Inman and Gene Shaw. Head on over to their Youtube channel for more videos and check out their work at

New STEAM Network game pulled from network. Copied images from The Walking Dead

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From Forbes online, (

Well the War Z scandal continues to deepen, even though the game has beenat least temporarily removed from Steam.

The question now becomes: Will Valve allow a game that so flagrantly violated consumer trust to return?

That question is made more poignant by recent revelations about the game’s artwork. Apparently (and you can see for yourself after the leap) the game lifted images directly from AMC’s The Walking Dead. This means that not only was the game a blatant knock-off of Day Z which rips a huge portion of its assets from War Inc, its creators had neither the decency or, apparently, the budget to devise their own images.

Whether or not this game is a “scam” or whether it’s fun or boring, it’s pretty obviously crossed some ethical lines, becoming the video game equivalent of a “mockbuster.”

Zombie Doppelgangers

The picture on the left is a zombie from The Walking Dead. The slightly altered version on the right is taken from War Z artwork.

Here’s another one:

And if that’s not clear enough for you:

(Hat Tip: Jason Schreier)

Some people have said that all of this is simply unwarranted outrage or whiny, “entitled” gamers at it again. That strikes me as absurd. There may be too much outrage at times, and gamers may indeed be prone to thinking and expecting the worst.

But Sergey Titov and Hammerpoint Interactive have dug this zombie grave for themselves, and then leaped headlong into it through a combination of misleading advertising, broken promises, bad customer service, and interviews with the gaming press that make them look even worse than if they’d said nothing at all.

Big Rigs

Titov himself is an interesting figure in all of this. Back in 2003 he was the producer of a game that has been dubbed by many as “the worst game in history.”

Big Rigs earned a whopping score of 1 from GameSpot. In their review of the game, they concluded:

Just how bad is Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing? It’s as bad as your mind will allow you to comprehend. It is so disturbingly bad that even its budget price tag seems like a slap in the face. It really makes you wonder if the company that put out this dreck even took so much as a half minute to glance at the game that it was releasing. The game’s readme file does assert that the game was thoroughly tested on various PCs, but the end result seems to suggest otherwise. The fact is, even if you tried, you couldn’t play Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing the way it was seemingly intended to be played, and even if you could, you wouldn’t want to.

So there’s obviously something of a history here, and a definite pattern. Is it any wonder War Z turned out to be unfinished, that promises are being broken? Is there any reason to suspect Hammerpoint will actually come through with a finished product?

Because many promises of a similar nature have been made about War Inc,were made about Big Rigs, and many of those promises were broken as well.

Maybe this is much ado about nothing. Plenty of people seem to want to shrug the whole thing off, or claim that because they’re having fun with the game that everyone who has anything remotely negative to say about it is just looking for attention. I disagree, of course.

I think it’s important to call this stuff out when we see it—and even if this were the most beautifully made game of all time, ripping images from The Walking Dead is a pretty big deal. Just like “taking inspiration” from the Star Wars artwork of Olly Moss is not a particular kosher thing to do if your game happens to be Borderlands 2.

AMC has announced February 10, 2013 as the return date of The Walking Dead

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AMC The Walking DeadIt’s official. AMC has announced February 10th, 2013 as the official date for the end of the Season 3 break! They will be airing episode 9 of the season, titled The Suicide King. We here at are extremely excited for this and will be posting updates as more information is released!

In the mean time, check out the Black and White episodes coming to AMC this New Years holiday.

Beautiful Stranger: The Ballad of Savana Jade Wehunt

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Beautiful Stranger: The Ballad of Savana Jade Wehunt
By Staff Writer Steve Boyd*

Savana Jade Wehunt, like many of the zombie actors on AMC’s smash “THE WALKING DEAD”, is called on to play many roles. Whether human or zombie, alive or dead, Savana makes it happen. With roles scattered throughout the television mythology, Savana Jade Wehunt has solidified herself as a silent force to be reckoned with.
Off screen, she’s one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet.

But don’t let the pretty face fool you. was fortunate to chat with Miss Wehunt a few months back (just before Season 3 aired) to talk about her roles, her goals and what motivates her to get her zombie on.

WALKINGTHEWALKINGDEAD.COM: Savana, thanks for taking a few minutes out of your very busy schedule to allow us an interview. I’m sure you’ve been asked this a lot, but has it always been your dream to be one of the frightfully scary, flesh-eating undead?
SAVANAJADEWEHUNT: From an early age I have been watching scary movies, one of the first scary movies I can remember watching is The Birds which to me weren’t very scary. I love how scary movies draw peoples’ attention. I started getting into the haunt genre more when I was 14 when I started working for Creepers Haunted House. That’s where I learned how to be a flesh eating zombie. Since then I have worked for Six Flags Fright Fest and Folklore Haunted house. I guess you could say it is one of my dreams to become a flesh eating monster!

WTWD: With stand-in parts for Carl and Sophia as well as your zombie character in THE WALKING DEAD not to mention the WEBISODES, you’ve contributed a pretty significant amount in the mythology in just two seasons. What’s been the most challenging part for you or do you just take it all in stride?
SJW: I guess the most challenging part is to keep up with the crazy filming hours and be able to stay alert and in character. I also go to school full time but I make it a priority to just go with the flow and keep focused on my priorities.

WTWD: I’ve seen you out in the convention circuit making rounds. Do you enjoy meeting fans and what’s the one question you’re constantly asked by them?
SJW: I absolutely love meeting fans of the show, I love hearing the input that they have on what parts they did and did not like and what things they would like to see happen in the future. I am constantly asked by fans how long my makeup takes, which is a great question but it seems to be one of the most popular questions. Sometimes I’m asked what is their favorite cast member is really like.

WTWD: Speaking of fans, there’s A LOT of them. Were you familiar with THE WALKING DEAD comic book before getting involved with production of the TV show?
SJW: Sadly no I was not aware of the comic books. I didn’t know much about the comics until the first season premiered in 2010. Since then I’ve started reading them and I am more seasoned in the similarities and differences between the show and the comics. A lot of fans do ask me questions about the comics as well. I like to be able to talk about them too!


(Savana sporting the hat of choice for zombie kills this season.)

WTWD: I’ve heard in different interviews you’ve given that your interest in acting began around the age of 10 in productions at both church and school so this must have been something you’ve always wanted to do on some level. Who’s been your biggest fan and supporter over the years?
SJW: Ever since I was little I have wanted to be on the stage and have all eyes on me. My biggest fan I would have to say is my mom. She has always supported me in my career and has given me some great advice along the way.

Savana Jade Wehunt - Walking Dead - Under the Hood

(Under the Hood: Savana portrayed Penny, the Governor’s zombified daughter in Season 3 of THE WALKING DEAD)

WTWD: There are some actors who don’t watch the shows they star in. This may be a silly question, but do you watch THE WALKING DEAD and if so, what’s your favorite episode and why?
SJW: I usually watch The Walking Dead religiously so I can spot myself when I am on. Now one silly thing that I do is that I don’t watch the video or audio interviews that I do. For some reason it just makes me really nervous to watch myself speaking as myself. Or any of the other things I have done that I am myself and not a zombie. My favorite episode would have to be the finale of last year, I saw myself several times and it really showed how the characters in the next season would behave.

WTWD: You’ve given pointers and lessons to people on how to walk like a zombie. Personally, I think it’s something people would pay money for. Like Zombie School starring Savana Jade Wehunt. Do you think you can teach anyone to be a zombie or are there some students that just can’t cut it?
SJW: In my opinion, anyone can be a zombie. It’s all about letting lose and having fun or zoning out like do. For some people it comes naturally and many it takes a little bit of extra coaching. I would love to do zombie schools on the side; it is so much fun to meet new people!

WTWD: We’ve been fortunate enough to interview Chandler Riggs here at and you’ve played his stand-in. This means our site now has complete coverage of all things Carl Grimes. Which episodes have you played his stand-in in?
SJW: Well, I have played Chandler’s stand in for so many episodes I tend to forget. I remember being his stand in for much of the first half of last season. I stunt double when he was shot. Andy carried me and ran to the farm house to set up that shot. And in the bed at the farm house. And I played his photo double when Carl shot Shane. Chandler is a great young man to work with and I still can’t believe we are 7 years apart and I’m playing his stand in!

WTWD: Why do you think the horror films (or TV shows), particularly ones with zombies, are so popular?
SJW: I think that shows and movies with zombies are so popular because in many ways it can become very realistic. Even the CDC believes that it can happen! I also believe that people like the idea of having someone come back to life after dying so they never really lose a loved one in the first place. Today there are so many different theories that I can’t see how someone couldn’t believe it.

WTWD: Season Three is right around the corner and I understand you were asked to come back and help out. Without giving anything away (because I know how that would be bad)can you give me 3 words that would best describe what you know of Season Three? Or hey, spill the beans about Season Three. Whichever you’re most comfortable with.
SJW: Hahaha. I wish I could tell you guys but my zombie lips are sealed! I can tell you in three words how season 3 is gonna be: Epic, Apocalyptic and Jaw-Dropping (may be some literal jaw drops, haha).

WTWD: Let’s step away from THE WALKING DEAD for a couple questions. I understand you’re in college and you’re studying (unless you changed your major) early childhood education. My wife is a preschool teacher and I also heard the call of the teacher when I was in college. What made you decide to go into this field of study?
SJW: From a young age I was always interested in teaching and learning. I use to play school with my sister and grandmother during the summers and line my Barbies and Beanie Babies up and teach them school lessons during the school year. When deciding my major I realized that teaching is a lot like acting and being on a stage just in a different setting. I love young kids and their imaginations are so big that even I am blown away by them.

WTWD: I’m sure there are lots of 10-year olds out there that are getting involved in school plays and are dreaming of doing what you’ve already done. What would you tell these younglings?
SJW: I would tell them to never give up and always be you. Don’t let anyone change you and always make sure to follow your heart and make the right decisions. Don’t let anyone discourage you. If you have a passion jump head first right in and start swimming!

WTWD: You’ve been awesome, Savana. Any upcoming projects you’d like to plug as we come to a close?
SJW: Well thanks so much for giving me the opportunity. I’ve enjoyed answering these questions. I would like to plug a little of what I have been up to. I’ve been working on an independent film called Level 7 which is about zombies resulting from the tsunami in Japan. Also I just worked on a short film called Zombie City which is about a group of people fighting off zombies. I held zombie school for that and I am actually NOT a zombie in this film. In a few weeks I will be working on a remake of Night of the Living Dead in Virginia. I will be a lead ghoul and the ghoul coordinator. Thanks again for letting me interview with you and I hope all you TWD lovers are ready for season 3!

**Steve Boyd is the Director of, co-host on the FANBOY BUZZ podcast and a HUGE fan of THE WALKING DEAD in any genre. His wife has permission to kill him if and ONLY if he’s the first to turn.