Michonne's Origin Featured In April Issue of PLAYBOY

Here’s a little tidbit you might have missed while caught up in SEASON TWO FINALE FEVER.

Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard presented an exclusive 6-page story featuring the origin of sword-wielding bad ass Michonne in the April 2012 issue of PLAYBOY magazine in a tale called, appropriately enough “Michonne’s Story”.

The story features Michonne’s life during the beginning days of the zombie plague, how she got her sword, along with the fates of her brother and friend.  Normally, we’re not used to seeing Michonne run away from anything, so this story is an interesting (albeit short) look into the life of the character fans can’t and won’t get enough of.

This issue hit the stands in mid-March 2012, but you MIGHT be able to find one if you hurry.  But don’t be surprised if you can’t convince the clerk you’re buying PLAYBOY for the stories.

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