THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON 3 To Begin Filming Next Month in GA was fortunate enough to travel to Senoia GA during the 3rd week in April to scout out locations used during filming of THE WALKING DEAD Season Two and it looks like Senoia is going to be the place to be for Season 3 as well.

According to Coweta County GA commissioners, definitive plans and locations for Season 3 were mentioned in a recent meeting by location manager Mike Riley.  Riley stated that the areas of “Turkey Creek Road near the fire department, at Sportsman’s Deer Cooler in Haralson and at a house in Turin where the production is requesting to close Reese Road between McIntosh Trail and Odom Road” would be used.

Filming will take place during the week Monday through Friday through November and is expected to take nine days of filming per episode.

Sources say Senoia is scheduled to be used as the fictional town of “Woodbury” which is ruled by a ‘benevolent dictator”.

The town is very small, but has been used for multiple films and TV shows in the past and has learned to adapt to pseudo-fame.  Still, it should be interesting to see how the town’s businesses cope with the filming schedule of THE WALKING DEAD.  Having parts of the town blocked off for periods of time can’t be THAT good for business.   Unless you’re involved in tourism.  At which point having an army tank parked across the street from your home that will be featured on one of the most popular TV shows currently on the air has GOT to have perks.

We will be returning to Senoia in June and hope to have some great exclusive stuff to report to you guys.

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