WALKING DEAD LEGOS:  Why You SHOULD (But Probably Will Never) See Them

The first thing I thought of when I saw the picture was “HOLY $%#!  THEY MUST ALL BE MINE.”

Uber-fan and graphic artist Shawn Goldsmith tagged me in a picture of a LEGO set he created using a program on his computer to create this pretty sick Lego interpretation of Dale’s 1977 Winnebago Chieftain.

“I love the Lego Digital Designer Program…I wish I could import customized Minifigures though. But here is Set 1 of my Lego: The Walking Dead,” Shawn says proudly in his Facebook posting.

But seeing this pretty awesome fan-made item got me thinking…would we ever see WALKING DEAD LEGOS for real?

Sadly, I’m thinking no.  And here’s why:

THE WALKING DEAD is a wonderful seed of an idea planted in the minds of comic readers 8 years ago that has grown into a monster of a brand; bearing fruit such as t-shirts, action figures, trading cards, video games and of course, the hugely popular TV show.  So why don’t I think that you’ll ever see a smiling Rick Grimes Mini-Fig riding on a Lego horse into a Lego Atlanta city block?  Well, let’s look at it from the LEGO (who is the 3rd largest worldwide manufacturer of materials you play with) view.  Here’s a blurb from LEGO’s website describing their business:

” The LEGO Group is engaged in the development of children’s creativity through playing and learning. Based on the world-famous LEGO® brick, the company today provides toys, experiences and teaching materials for children in more than 130 countries.”

LEGO is no sloucher in the brand department.  You’ll find everything from STAR WARS to HARRY POTTER to AVENGERS and more under the House That You Built’s banner.  But I’m not sure how zombies ripping apart humans, humans dismembering zombies or humans killing and dismembering other humans would hold up in LEGO’s “development of children’s creativity” department.  Granted, kids would probably be able to come up with some pretty imaginitive ways to destroy the undead…and the looks on Grandma’s face when you pulled out the Well Zombie Mini-Fig would be worth the price of admission alone…blood and gore is probably where LEGO draws the line.

In retrospect, let’s look at some current LEGO products.  In STAR WARS, Jedis are cutting off people’s hands, heads, arms, and legs all the time!  In PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, there’s skeletons walking around.  In HARRY POTTER, we’ve got wizards blasting each other with wands and trying to destroy each other with curses and spells.

So why not a LEGO Mini-Fig DALE with ripped-open stomach?

A LEGO DARYL DIXON and Motorcycle Building Set?


Even a LEGO LORI AND CARL GRIMES Mini-Fig 2-pack…and so fans get the gag, the set can be missing CARL.

Funny, isn’t it?  The more I think about the possibilities, the more I’d run out on payday and buy these things.  It would be a CASH COW for the company.  Not to mention that you’d be passing the love of the zombie genre down to your kids and grandkids.  But if you’re like me, my heart aches in the knowledge that deep down on a primal level…this is probably never gonna see the light of day.  But stranger things have happened.  LEGO has a MONSTER FIGHTER offering coming soon, featuring what appears to be classic horror monsters like Vampires and such.  Also, I picked up WALKING DEAD action figures at Wal-Mart a few weeks back, so perhaps there’s hope.

Until that magic day,  I look forward to more fan creations such as the one Shawn came up with and posted on my FACEBOOK page.  Then I can watch the number of people sharing the picture go up…they, like me, wishing and hoping that they’ll see these on the shelves of your local Toys R Us or Lego Store soon.

If God is good.


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