Cutting Edge: (1st Look at David Morrissey as The Governor!)

If you’ve been waiting for some inkiling of what Rick’s arch-nemesis is gonna look like, wait no longer.

Thanks to an article found on TV GUIDE, you’ve got your chance to get your first glimpse at David Morresey in the role of “THE GOVERNOR”, the fan-favorite baddie introduced in the comic book series that caused mayhem, destruction and death for Rick’s little band of rebels. was on location in Senoia for the last couple days and saw that very same truck used in the background moving from one location to another!

*shivers*  I love being a WALKING DEAD fan.

For more information, I encourage you to check out the article for more information and a larger pic.  In the meantime, any Season 3 speculation to be had?

*Image Source:  TVGUIDE.COM


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