Merle Dixon to return in Season 3...

Fans of the Walking Dead TV series have long waited for the return of the character Merle Dixon who disappeared early on in the AMC series. While fans of the comic have speculated the he would eventually tie in with “The Governer” plot, to date there has been nothing indicating the character’s future.

Since his disappearance, fans of Merle have had to get their thrills by a brief cameo in Season 2 when his brother Daryl had hallucinations about him. Many viewers (including myself) were left wondering if this was Merle’s last appearance – this changes today.

WalkingtheWalkingDead attended Senoia last week to check in on the filming progress of season 3. Unfortunately, it looks as if we were a few days early as Shockya has just published these breaking photos showing the return of Merle Dixon. It’s still unknown whether Merle will really return, or if he’ll just be another figure of Daryl’s imagination but either way, I’m eager to see him return (My predicition is that he’ll be tied pretty tightly with The Governer and his crew).

Source: Original Shockya Article

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  1. avatar Paul Harris says:

    He is shown with what appears to be both hands which leads me to believe he is imaginary?

  2. avatar jay says:

    He was seen wearing a fake prosthetic hand/hook thing

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