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It was a Wednesday several years ago when I turned my nose up at THE WALKING DEAD #1 on the day it came out at my friendly neighborhood comic book shop in Nashville, Tennessee.

I remember it very well.  “Zombies just aren’t my thing,” I said defiantly to the owner of the shop.  He stood there agape at my snub while I proudly clutched my DC and MARVEL titles tighter as if to solidify a point.  “I’m just a super-hero kind of guy.”

Kid you NOT.  Those were my words…or the closest approximation I can come to the exact conversation.

“This is a terrific book,” the shop owner said.  “If you don’t get this, you’ll regret it.”

Unwavering in my stubborness, I politely turned the comic down again, and thus it was that I didn’t throw down the $2.99 for the first issue of THE WALKING DEAD.

I don’t know why I did it.  Maybe it was the fact that colorful characters in spandex that throw hammers and spin webs felt like old friends and pretty much raised me.  It would be like denying your Grandma a hug to show your disloyalty by spending money on something other than what you knew and loved.  Buying that comic about zombies and the Undead would represent a failure on my part as a buyer of “The Big Two”.  Plus, Zombies are…kinda nasty.  Guts and bones and blood.  Shambling rotting shells of humanity that weren’t unfamiliar.  They were my friends.  They were my neighbors.  They were children.  And they all came at me lifeless with one simple goal:  to eat me.


Fast forward to 2010.  My life over the last several years had been a struggle, but a new life arose from the ashes of the old one.  I lost my job of 12 years.  I divorced my wife of 7.  My love for comics never waned, but the universe had a lot more shades of gray that the primary color world I had lived in most of my life and found comfort in.  I began to open my mind to new ideas…new stories.  I began buying an independent title or two and discovered equally great stories beyond what I was used to.  And thus it was in my new mindset I came full circle back to the world of THE WALKING DEAD.

The old store I used to frequent had closed and I had found a new store to quench my four-color thirst.  Commercials for a new TV show inspired by THE WALKING DEAD comic book were beginning to air every time I turned on my television.  So I bit (pun intended) and purchased the first trade paperback, thanks to the “BOGOHO*” sale at my LCS.

Holy Shit.

Over the course of the next week, I returned to the store daily and bought at least one more TPB, if not two.  Then I took them home and tried desperately to explain to my fiance what an incredible new sandbox I found to play in.

“Look at this!  She dug his eye out with a spoon!!!”

“They cut off his hand to keep the infection from spreading!  Smart, huh?”

“He killed his brother!”

Oh, and did I mention the Zombies?  They were EVERYWHERE.

Comics.  Trades.  Television.  Toys.  Games.  And even in the middle of all the commercial hype you’ll find that surrounds this title now, there’a a new respect for the zombie genre thanks to the work of Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Tony Moore and more with their evil, fiendish minds.  And maybe that’s why I wanted to help make this site:  as a personal apology to those guys for not buying that first damn issue.  Consider this site a love letter for every issue I read or episode I watch.  There’s ALOT of love in this site for THE WALKING DEAD.  And I hope it shows.

I will point out that while this site has some pretty useful WALKING DEAD info…there’s still some works-in-progress.  In the coming weeks you’ll see everything from location information if you want to visit the locations in Georgia to convention appearances by your favorite WALKING DEAD actors and actresses around the country.  We’ll be launching an OFFICIAL podcast for all you “WALKERTALKERS” and much more.  But that doesn’t give you an excuse not to like us on FACEBOOK, follow us on TWITTER or stalk us after using bath salts.

So I hope you’ll pull up a chair and join in the fun.

My personal thanks to Joe Butler for always supporting my ideas, Stephen Jondrew and my fellow FANBOY BUZZ cohorts for putting this vision you see before you in play, and my gorgeous wife Leah for telling me it’s ok to read comics starring flesh-eating zombies.

And, of course, Mr. Kirkman.  Without you, my life would be normal, but my comic collection would be a little dull.

Buy the comic.
Watch the show.
Conserve your Ammo.
Enjoy the site.




Steve Boyd

Director:  ComicCollectorLive.com

Co-Host:  FanboyBuzz.com

Mystery Man:  WalkingTheWalkingDead.com



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3 Responses to Welcome To My World: WalkingTheWalkingDead.com!

  1. avatar proudmama32 says:

    It was great meeting you in Senoia this past week. I really enjoyed the Q&A session and the trivia. I can’t believe how far I will go to show my enthusiasm for this show. Normally, I would never go down Main St. on a vacation dressed as a zombie to show my loyalty. Anyhoo, I’m thankful for your site and hope to see you in Louisville later this month.

    Thanks again,
    Lori T.

  2. avatar THE_GOVERNOR says:

    Hey Lori – you were an AWESOME zombie! I’m glad you had a great time but I’m equally glad to have met such a fine group of fans! Please tell all your friends and look me up at the CCL booth at Fandomfest!

  3. avatar The_Digital_Jedi says:

    Walking down Main Street is fun when you are a zombie. I do it yearly 🙂

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