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Robert Kirkman has issued a challenge to players of the new iOS game “The Walking Dead”. Starting today, players will be competing in the “9 Days of the Apocalypse” challenge. According to his official twitter account (@RobertKirkman), players will be awarded prizes for completing challenges he sets forth.


The prizes are thus far unknown. Robert has stated he wishes to keep them secret  until the challenges are published. However, the publisher of the games, Skybound, has stated “these items will be very special and not available anywhere else”.


The game release on November 30th. It has received some good reviews and is poised for Game of the Year status, much like it’s sister game from TellTale games. The game follows the comic book version of The Walking Dead universe.


So get out there are start accepting the Kirkman challenges. If anyone wins one, let us know here at WTWD.COM!!


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