Less than 24 hours to RSVP for Meet and Greet!

All people who wish to go to the Meet and Greet event on February 23rd MUST reserve their spot by 12:00pm central time tomorrow: 2/20/2013!!! Don’t miss out on this awesome event to meet other fans of the show and see some really great sites!! Plus we have 3 walkers from the show to talk to and work with.


Call Laura at (770) 599-3905 to RSVP!!!!

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avatar The_Digital_Jedi (36 Posts)

3 Responses to Less than 24 hours to RSVP for Meet and Greet!

  1. avatar stranger1996 says:

    Had a freakin blast being able to see the scenes and talk to 3 of the main walkers from seasons 2 and 3. savana,mike and michele. I wish we could have seen the prison or the farm but it was great. q and a was fun with the walkers they keep you laughing. I wanna give a big thanks to steve and jason they put together awesome event. Fellas keep me posted.

  2. avatar smithdon32 says:

    Are they planning on having another tour because I would love to attend.

  3. avatar The_Digital_Jedi says:

    Thanks Stranger1996 for the compliments! We are currently working on getting the next event together that should happen a little later this year. We will definitely post on here and our Facebook page as details become available.

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