Exclusive First Look: Will Andrea put down The Governor??

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After weeks of watching The Walking Dead‘s Andrea sleep with the enemy, it looks like she’s (finally!) come to her senses — and TVGuide.com has the exclusive first look!

The Walking Dead Postmortem: Is Andrea destined to die?

Sunday’s episode (9/8c, AMC) will see The Governor (David Morrisey) hunting down a dissenter who flees Woodbury. Could Andrea (Laurie Holden) have learned the truth about the so-called peace treaty and set out to warn Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the group at the prison? Or could she be the traitor who tries to sabotage his plans?

Either way, in the ominous photo below, Andrea, who looks like she’s already been beaten up, appears to be going head-to-head with someone. Too bad she’s only got that small knife!

So, who is she fighting? Check out the photo and hit the comments with your thoughts! The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.


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Do you think Andrea will have what it takes to end the Governor’s reign???



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  1. avatar Jim Whitaker says:

    I know who it is and what happens because I was there, but I ain’t tellin haha!

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