Morgan's Back

It is Morgan and his son Duane who introduces Rick and us to the zombie apocalypse. How would you explain to a man that just woke up out of a coma, stumbled out of a hospital and got head checked with a shovel by your son that the dead now walk the earth? Over a nice candle lit dinner and a can of beans? As romantic as that sounds, you can see the desperation in Moragn’s face and hear the tremble in his voice. You can tell shit has already hit the fan without him actually saying it. Morgan gives us a heartwarming account of how he, his wife and Duane ended up in one of Rick’s neighbor’s house. His story is one you would expect in a zombie outbreak. Wife got bit, had to take shelter and watch her die. Now it’s just him and his boy struggling to survive and carry on.

After he brought Rick up to speed on current events, we hear the car alarm go off. We all know that in a hood full of walkers, this isn’t a good thing. Little Duane peeps out the window and says “She’s here.” I know what you were thinking folks. The late, great Whitney Houston has returned! This is where we are introduced to Morgan’s wife, doing the Harlem Shake with her friends round Mr. Roger’s neighborhood without a care in the world. The man was unable to put her down when the time came. Even after Rick supplied him with a sniper rifle, he couldn’t pull the trigger leaving his beloved Whitney to haunt us from the grave.

So Rick and Morgan parted ways after a trip to the police station. Rick gave Morgan a bag of guns, a car and a walkie-talkie with promises of a long distance relationship. This is the last time we see Morgan and Duane. We only got a sweet 30 minutes with these guys in season one and then poof they were gone. The main reason Rick returned to the city was to retrieve the bag of guns and the walkie-talkie so he could warn Morgan not to come there. This is the least you can do for a man who saved your life right? The last transmission Rick sent out to him before leaving Atlanta, felt like his was breaking up with Morgan via voicemail. But it made for a great introduction into season two. I always wondered what happen to them. Did they ever make it to Atlanta? Was Whitney preparing for her big come back? Did they meet up with another group of survivors? I have waited three seasons to see them again. I have to say, it was well worth the wait.

All of us die heart WD fans knew it was Morgan on the roof, pointing a gun at Rick, threating to kill him if he didn’t go about his way. I for one was on the edge of my seat bouncing and yelling at the TV. What the hell has this guy been doing for the pass year? I hate it when we get a slow episode but it is moments like when Carl pops around the corner and goes all Texas Ranger on someone’s ass that makes it all worth wild. It was no shock to me that Morgan was wearing a bullet-proof vest. I mean, look at the man’s set up. His zombie booby traps are P.E.T.A. protest worthy. The trip wire and the ax would have been great to see in action if it wasn’t some of my favorite characters entering the room. It was like a zombie version of ‘Home Alone’. I could totally picture zombie Marv taking an ax to the head.

With all the things I did know, I was shocked with all the things I didn’t know. When Morgan woke hogged tied in a room filled of guns and creepy writing on the wall, I was expecting a rekindle of the bromance they once shared. Instead Rick took 5 to da eye and a knife to the shoulder. By the end of their lovers quarrel, we realize that Morgan has become bat-shit crazy and begs Rick to kill him. This encounter between the two and the story that follows tore me up just as much as seeing Sophia walking out of that barn in season two. Where is Duane?

As much as like to think that I’m a stone cold broad, I must admit it broke my heart learning that not only had Duane been killed by a walker, but it was his own diva mother who did him in. How do you live knowing that the reason your child died was because you didn’t have the balls to do the right thing? It’s crazy to think that both Rick and Morgan’s sons were faced with the decision of gunning down their own mother. This is why I think Carl will be the last man standing. Having emotional ties to the dead is not only a death wish, but it’s pretty fucking retarded as well.

As bad as I felt for Morgan, I have to say that things happen for a reason. If he would have taken that shot and put Whitney out of her misery his son may have lived. We had the pleasure of seeing how Rick dealt with Lori’s death. I’m praying they do a back episode of how Morgan coped with Duane’s. When Morgan finally recognized Rick and told him about what happened to his son, he mentioned the walkie-talkies. If Rick didn’t already have enough to deal with, Morgan takes a dump on what little sanity Rick has left. If misery likes company then I say Rick and Morgan are a match made in hell. Morgan proceeds to tell Rick how he missed the short bus on his early bird radio broadcast because he didn’t have the nerve to even turn it on until a month after he left. Who is at fault here? We know Rick is already carrying the guilt of his wife and Sophia’s death on his shoulders. Now we have Morgan giving the ‘You weren’t there’ speech.’ You can tell Rick is chewing over his every word. I am wondering how this will effect Rick’s next decision on leaving someone stranded on the side of the road.

I am hoping this isn’t the last we see of Morgan. The man has got skills. Even if I do believe he makes Rick’s mental state look a man going through a mid-life crisis, he would be a great asset to the group if he could pull himself together. The chemistry between him and Rick in that room was intense. It’s episodes like this that keeps me hooked on this show. It makes me think about how I would handle these types of situations if I had too. We only have a few more episodes left of this season. If Morgan’s return throws more fuel on the fire then I say “We don’t need no water let the motherfucker burn!


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