So what did you think of the Season 3 finale?

To avoid having news spoilers show up for our West Coast fans, we have decided to open this thread up here in order to discuss the Season 3 finale. WARNING: this will be a spoiler filled section so please only go here if you are ready to talk about the deaths and revelations!



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avatar The_Digital_Jedi (36 Posts)

4 Responses to So what did you think of the Season 3 finale?

  1. avatar The_Digital_Jedi says:

    7 minutes in and already got one death

  2. avatar The_Digital_Jedi says:

    Carl ain’t having none of that

  3. avatar WalkerBait says:

    “You kill or you die….or you die and you kill.” I hate the governor but damn its a good line.

  4. avatar Greg Woodrum says:

    Superior work on the part of everyone involved in this production. I am not a wealthy man but I took my teenage daughter to Senoia to see where our favorite series was filmed. We met good friends in the town. We stayed at The Veranda for 5 days and visited every film site within a 50 mile radius (except for Hershel’s Farm). The locals say the owner is difficult…We live in Florida and it is an 8 hour drive but we will come back to Senoia because we love this story and we want to somehow be a part of it. Trip to Senoia from Tampa (about $800). The look on my daughter’s face when she sees Daryl or one of the characters (priceless). We love your work TWD crew!

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