The Evolution of Carl Grimes


In this current season we watched Carl Grimes grow up and prove himself to be a pretty valuable member of the group. Last season he took a lot of criticisms for not ‘being in the house.’ I have to admit that I jumped on that bandwagon as well. How could you not with all the funny meme’s on the internet? I am the biggest sucker for WD meme’s. It’s kinda sad.


          I didn’t really pay too much mind to Carl in the first season, Second season I felt sorry for the kid. He got shot, lost the only other kid to keep him company and mom was too busy playing home wrecker to pay him any attention. It’s not his fault he couldn’t stay in the house. Who lets their kid just wonder around during a zombie outbreak? If anything was to blame for Dale’s death, it was poor parenting. But there was some good that did come from Dale’s death, other than him finally minding his own business. It was Carl’s wake up call.


With a forced pep talk from Ranger Rick, it finally sinks in that his childhood is over and it’s time to start acting like a man. And what was his first act as a man? Not staying in the house and popping a cap in zombie Shane’s ass. The only man that ever really stood up for him. It was Shane Carl turned to for advice. As much as everyone (except me) was ready to see Shane go, you have to admit he was more of a dad than Rick.


          There was a lapse of about 8 months from season 2 to season 3. We see that Carl has become pretty handy with his piece and is willing to do what it takes to survive, even if it means puppy chow for dinner. You can tell he’s not the same kid that was on the farm. He took off by himself to search the prison for medical supplies when Hershal’s leg got hacked off. That was the moment I realized this kid was no joke. If Chuck Norris had a bastard child running lose in the zombie apocalypse, his name would be Carl.


          With all the crazy shit Carl has been through, you’d think he would be just as wacked out as his dad. The kid witnessed his mother try to give birth and failed. He actually handed Maggie the knife to cut her open to save his baby sister. After all was said and done he did not hesitate to send mommy dearest to her maker. The look on his face leaving the room was epic, making that scene one of my top 3 WD moments.


Carl is made for the zombie world. Not only cuz he is one tough lil fucker, but because he knows what has to be done without letting emotions stand in the way of doing it. With that being said he is still able to follow his mother’s good advice of doing what he feels is right. He helped Tyresee and his gang when they enter the prison but still had enough since to lock them in a cell and offer to kill their infected group member. He probably saved Rick’s life when he blew a round into Morgan’s chest instead of hiding like he was asked. If you paid close enough attention, it was his call that snapped Rick out of the twilight zone when Michonne showed up at the prison. Even when he tried to ditch her to get a family photo from a diner filled of walkers, he knows when to back down and accept help no matter how capable he thinks he is. He was right to be leery of Machonne until she gained his trust. His judgment of character far exceeds his father’s.


Even in the season finale when Carl popped Ben, I think he made the right call. All Ben had to do was put down the gun and it seemed to me that he was trying to be sneaky about it. Why would you try to hand someone your gun when they clearly told you to put it down? And wasn’t it Ben and his father Allen who was talking about over throwing Carl and the group after Carl saved them?


I’m excited to see what’s going to happen to him in season 4. He seems more grown up in the show vs. the comics. If it was up to me (and I’m only joking) Rick would die and Machonne and Daryl would adopt Carl. Carl would grow up to be ‘The Zombie Terminator’. Seems legit right? Even if that doesn’t happen, I am officially team Carl.     








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