The Walking Dead Season 4 Photo Roundup (Edition 1)

While photos from the upcoming season of AMC’s The Walking Dead may be scarce, WalkingTheWalkingDead prides itself on keeping you in the loop of what is available when it becomes available. If you’re anything like us you’re itching to see the latest and greatest and so here’s edition 1 of our The Walking Dead Season 4 Photo Roundup.

Below is an official production still released by AMC. The photo is simple yet elegant, but leaves a lot of questions (some of which were speculated in our latest podcast).

Official Season 4 Production Photo AMC The Walking Dead

Official Season 4 Production Photo for AMC’s The Walking Dead

The second is not so official, but is believed to be a set photo taken from filming at the former Winn Dixie in Griffin, GA. Filming was apparently one day only, but eye witnesses report that Norman Reedus (Daryl), Steven Yuen (Glenn), Danai Gurira (Michonne), Chad Coleman (Tyrese), and Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha) were present.

Filming supposedly only lasted one day at this location, so one can speculate this won’t be a major part of Season 4.

Leaked set photo from Season 4 of AMC's The Walking Dead

Leaked set photo from Season 4 of AMC’s The Walking Dead

If you have any photos for the upcoming season, please email

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Stephen Jondrew has been a fan of the Walking Dead for quite some years. Starting with the comics Stephen powered through the issues enjoying every issue. When AMC announced it's adaptation Stephen was excited and has been enjoying it every episode. Stephen can be found podcasting at W.T.W.D. Radio Free Woodbury and over at Fanboy Buzz.

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  1. avatar milodeke says:

    I went by there last night and although they wrapped up filming there and were gone….my son and I found a few things left behind. There were some green strips of fabric on the ground I assume from the army tents they had up. Another piece of fabric from something, some medical guaze and broken piece of sheet rock I assume from the fake Big Spot sign they had on the old Winn Dixie. Also duct tape on the ground in various spots I assume markers for the actors and what appeared to be a huge spot like a blood stain perhaps. really cool stuff of which I did get 🙂 and take some photos of to 🙂

  2. avatar walking dead ultimate fanatics says:

    Way cool Milodeke!!! Better save them for collector’s items. If you want, you can post them on our page.

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