W.T.W.D. Radio Free Woodbury - Episode 022

During this show we have a little Halloween fun with some role reversal. We discuss this week’s episode of The Walking Dead – Isolation. Of course it wouldn’t be an episode of WTWD if we didn’t have SEVERAL conspiracy theories. PLUS Steve takes some time to rip into the Walking Dead aftershow – The Talking Dead.

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avatar WalkerBait (68 Posts)

Stephen Jondrew has been a fan of the Walking Dead for quite some years. Starting with the comics Stephen powered through the issues enjoying every issue. When AMC announced it's adaptation Stephen was excited and has been enjoying it every episode. Stephen can be found podcasting at W.T.W.D. Radio Free Woodbury and over at Fanboy Buzz.

2 Responses to W.T.W.D. Radio Free Woodbury – Episode 022

  1. avatar Lori C says:

    Hello All, I’m brand-new to your ‘cast and enjoyed the discussion. Wanted to chime in on the comments about why Herschel was compelled to administer the tea himself. Think the topic was broached about 22:00 minutes in.

    Anyway, Daryl tells Herschel earlier in the episode, “Sooner or later, we run.” Herschel realizes that he will never be able to help the group by getting supplies. He is, essentially, a prisoner to the prison. Not only that, but when the group has to leave the prison, they’ll deplete their local resources eventually, he’ll become a burden.

    To me, Herschel chooses to administer the tea as an altruistic last gift to his people. And, providing emotional comfort to the ill – they won’t think they are dying so much as Herschel wouldn’t be exposing himself to the infection.

    Just my thoughts and looking forward to your next podcast.

  2. avatar WalkerBait says:

    Thanks for the feedback – great points. I’ll add your comments to the show notes for next week as you make some solid comments in my opinion. AND THANK YOU FOR LISTENING. -Stephen 🙂

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