W.T.W.D. Radio Free Woodbury - Episode 032 - Inmates

Stephen brings in a special guest from the Gonna Geek Podcast Network (Stargate Pioneer) to help dissect (in Lizzie-Bunnies Fashion) the latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Inmates. As usual we share our thoughts on the show and come up with some crazy conspiracy theories. Of course the episode wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t debate whether or not Glenn had a moment of giving up in this week’s show.

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Stephen Jondrew has been a fan of the Walking Dead for quite some years. Starting with the comics Stephen powered through the issues enjoying every issue. When AMC announced it's adaptation Stephen was excited and has been enjoying it every episode. Stephen can be found podcasting at W.T.W.D. Radio Free Woodbury and over at Fanboy Buzz.

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