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Deleted scene from season 3 shows Lori Grimes as a walker!

August 16, 2013   No comments

from Entertainment Weekly :   Okay, let’s be honest: Rick Grimes went a little nuts last season on The Walking Dead after his wife Lori died. He started hearing things and then seeing things — things that weren’t actually there. ... Read More

NBC Entertainment Chairman calls The Walking Dead “an anomaly”

July 27, 2013   1 Comment

Original story HERE According to NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt, AMC’s hit show THE WALKING DEAD is nothing more than an anomaly that would likely have been cancelled in “their world”. After declining to offer a press conference during the ... Read More

The Walking Dead casting 3 new parts with similarities to comic book characters

July 23, 2013   No comments

Original story: ComicBook.Com:   According to SpoilerTV, AMC’s The Walking Dead are casting for three new, recurring characters…who will sound very familiar to comics fans. In fact, because these descriptions are so on-the-nose, we’d caution against taking them too seriously. Don’t read ... Read More

New downloadable content available from TellTale Game called The Walking Dead: 400 Days

July 2, 2013   No comments

Today marks the launch of The Walking Dead: 400 Days, the new DLC episode for Season One of The Walking Dead, across North America on PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3! To celebrate the launch of this special episode, Telltale Games ... Read More


June 22, 2013   No comments

We would like to welcome MICHELLE HELMCZY as a guest at the Fan Gathering on August 3rd!!! Michelle was part of our MnG earlier this year, and has worked in all three seasons of The Walking Dead. She is a ... Read More

WTWD Announces Walker MIKE MUNDY as a guest for the Fan Gathering

June 21, 2013   1 Comment

Mike Mundy will be appearing at the WTWD Fan Gathering on August 3rd in Senoia, GA. Mike has portrayed several walkers on the show. He has the pleasure of being the last zombie shot by Andrea in the Season 2 ... Read More

WTWD.COM would like to welcome SAVANA JADE WEHUNT to the Fan Gathering on August 3rd!!

June 20, 2013   No comments

It’s official!! Savana Jade Wehunt will be joining WTWD.COM once again for the Fan Gathering in Senoia, GA on August 3rd. Savana has appeared in numerous episodes of the show, and works as a body double for Chandler Riggs (AKA ... Read More

HELP WANTED: Volunteer Staff Writers

June 3, 2013   No comments

Greetings! During this “off season” we here at WalkingTheWalkingDead.Com are looking for volunteer staff writers to keep our content updated and fresh. We would love to see your work and possibly get you on to the page as a contributor! ... Read More

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