Deleted scene from season 3 shows Lori Grimes as a walker!

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from Entertainment Weekly :


Okay, let’s be honest: Rick Grimes went a little nuts last season on The Walking Dead after his wife Lori died. He started hearing things and then seeing things — things that weren’t actually there. But, as a new exclusive deleted scene from the upcoming Walking Dead season 3 DVD/Blu-ray set shows, it could have been even worse. Much worse.

Remember back in episode 10 (“Home”) when Rick had himself a tender moment with a vision of his former wife in a white dress out on a bridge past the prison yard? Well, a new deleted scene shows how the scene was originally shot — and it seems that tender moment actually turned quite terrifying. After making out for a bit — because who doesn’t love making out with hallucinations from time to time — Rick pulls back to see that his beautiful wife is now a significantly less kissable zombie version of his beautiful wife. That’s right, Sarah Wayne Callies got zombified!

Check out the scene for yourself by clicking on the video player here. Filled with more deleted scenes, commentaries, and featurettes, The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season will be available Aug. 27 on everything from DVD to a limited edition Blu-ray set with a zombie aquarium tank that can be filled with water and floating heads. And for more Walking Dead news, follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss.



NBC Entertainment Chairman calls The Walking Dead “an anomaly”

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Original story HERE

According to NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt, AMC’s hit show THE WALKING DEAD is nothing more than an anomaly that would likely have been cancelled in “their world”.

After declining to offer a press conference during the broadcast upfronts last May (following its spring ratings dive), NBC programming executives collectively faced the press for the first time since January during the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills on Saturday, with executives defending the network’s ratings performance.

NBC entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt spoke up for broadcast TV against comparisons to cable shows like AMC’s The Walking Dead, which was fall’s highest rated show among cable and broadcast.

“The bastard child is now broadcast television,” he says. “Our peers in the industry don’t look at the work we do. They just look at the shiny new bulb in the cable world … it’s just a fact of life … I lost count of how many networks do original programming these days … I wish we could get more respect for the good work that we do.”

The Walking Dead is an anomaly,” he added, and pointed out that if many cable hits “did the [same] ratings in our world, they’d be cancelled.” Greenblatt cited HBO’s modestly rated Girls as an example of a cable show that wouldn’t survive broadcast standards.

“If we could put on one show a year, it would be the best show you ever saw,” he said.

Before taking questions from reporters, Greenblatt made headlines announcing some promising-sounding limited series (including a Rosemary’s Baby reboot and a Hillary Clinton miniseries). Then the executive unveiled statistics showing NBC’s ratings have actually been flat compared to rival broadcasters, and said the network was coming off a “year of improvement.” NBC had a terrific turn-around in the ratings last fall, winning November sweeps, but then face-planted in mid-season.

“It’s our most competitive year in the last nine years,” Greenblatt said. “At this point in our business, flat is the new up. Network television declined 4 to 7 percent … in that environment I think holding your position is a good thing … the other nets are all down.”

Except the flat claim seemed to hinge on using the whole year to calculate ratings — including summer — rather than the broadcast season valued by advertisers for its higher viewing levels. All networks are down among adults 18-49 when using the broadcast season, with CBS down the least — 3 percent — followed by NBC, down 4 percent (though that usual measurement also includes sporting events such as CBS’ coverage of the Super Bowl, which helped boost NBC the previous year — exclude sports and NBC was actually up a tad). Greenblatt called the broadcast season an arbitrary set of dates and noted “we try to look at the whole year.”

The executive was also asked about the network’s unsuccessful new comedies last season. “Comedy is frustrating,” Greenblatt said. “Nobody is more disappointed about New Normal and Go On not returning to the schedule [than we are].”

Talking specifically about last season’s Ryan Murphy sitcom The New Normal, about a gay couple adopting their first child, Greenblatt said the comedy may have been “slightly ahead of its time” given the “focus of the show.” “I wouldn’t say it didn’t work because it has gay characters,” he said, noting the success of Will & Grace. “We think the country is moving in the right direction and the Supreme Court is doing the right thing … we have no regrets.”

On the subject of Parenthood, which is moving to Thursday nights this fall, Greenblatt called it “one of the best shows on television,” yet expressed disappointment at its lack of Emmy nominations. “It doesn’t get the Emmy nominations; it doesn’t get the accolades; I wish it had more of that acclaim. It really had a great season this past year.”

The executive also defended its plan to switch The Tonight Show host from top-rated Jay Leno to Jimmy Fallon early next year. “We know the late-night time-period declines every year also,” Greenblatt said. “We wanted to make a transition when the time period was really strong to give Jimmy Fallon the best chance of succeeding.”

This fall NBC unveils a new slate of shows, including promising drama The Blacklist. See the trailers here.



The Walking Dead casting 3 new parts with similarities to comic book characters

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Original story: ComicBook.Com:


According to SpoilerTV, AMC’s The Walking Dead are casting for three new, recurring characters…who will sound very familiar to comics fans.

In fact, because these descriptions are so on-the-nose, we’d caution against taking them too seriously. Don’t read beyond if you don’t want to be spoiled, but those who allow yourselves to be spoiled also take it with a grain of salt.

Here’s what they’ve got to say:

The Walking Dead are currently casting for 3 new recurring roles SpoilerTV have learned.

John Tyler – Early 30′s, vulgar with rough edges but wise.
Wayne Kesey – Early 30′s. Very smart and an experienced liar.
Jordana Barraza – Late 20′s tough hispanic and beautiful. Shamed about her past.

The show does have a history of casting popular roles by using fake names in the casting notices, but even without the real names, these characters seem pretty easily identifiable as Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene, travelers who met up with the main group in Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s The Walking Dead comics. They became a big part of the series for about three years (real time, not story time). They arrived on the scene shortly after issue fifty, while the main group was still coping with fallout from the final battle with the Governor and Woodbury.

Two of the three characters have been with the group ever since. One of them died along the way. That death was recently referenced in an interview with series creator Robert Kirkman as an example of when he had plans for a character that had to be cancelled because he abruptly decided to kill that person instead while writing the issue.

Season Four of AMC’s The Walking Dead begins in October.

AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 4 SDCC Trailer

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We know that you’ve been eagerly waiting for months to get a produced peek into season 4 of AMC’s The Walking Dead, don’t worry – so were we.

As mentioned in our latest podcast, folks at SDCC were the first to get a look at the trailer for season 4…

For those of us who couldn’t make it to San Diego Comic-Con, you’ll be happy to see that it is now available on YouTube for the world to enjoy. At WTWD we’re giddy, excited and already making speculations, watch the trailer below and let us know what your thoughts are by commenting below.


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We would like to welcome MICHELLE HELMCZY as a guest at the Fan Gathering on August 3rd!!! Michelle was part of our MnG earlier this year, and has worked in all three seasons of The Walking Dead. She is a native of Senoia, GA, and is currently working on her career.

Picture credit: Gene Page/AMC


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Here is edition two of the Walking Dead Season 4 Photo Roundup. Over the past several weeks we’ve seen an increase in unofficial production photos posted on our facebook page.

Of course, it’s our duty here to make sure you can find all the photos in one easy to view format. Since these are photos from Season 4 there is a chance that spoilers could be ahead, but let’s be honest, with The Walking Dead you never really know…

Steven Yuen (Glen) suited up.

Steven Yuen (Glen) suited up.

What appears to be Norman Reedus on his motorcycle

What appears to be Norman Reedus on his motorcycle

Production direction Signs from the Power Plant

Production Direction Signs from the Power Plant

A Military compound

A Military compound

If you have any photos for the upcoming season, please email

The Walking Dead Season 4 Photo Roundup (Edition 1)

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While photos from the upcoming season of AMC’s The Walking Dead may be scarce, WalkingTheWalkingDead prides itself on keeping you in the loop of what is available when it becomes available. If you’re anything like us you’re itching to see the latest and greatest and so here’s edition 1 of our The Walking Dead Season 4 Photo Roundup.

Below is an official production still released by AMC. The photo is simple yet elegant, but leaves a lot of questions (some of which were speculated in our latest podcast).

Official Season 4 Production Photo AMC The Walking Dead

Official Season 4 Production Photo for AMC’s The Walking Dead

The second is not so official, but is believed to be a set photo taken from filming at the former Winn Dixie in Griffin, GA. Filming was apparently one day only, but eye witnesses report that Norman Reedus (Daryl), Steven Yuen (Glenn), Danai Gurira (Michonne), Chad Coleman (Tyrese), and Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha) were present.

Filming supposedly only lasted one day at this location, so one can speculate this won’t be a major part of Season 4.

Leaked set photo from Season 4 of AMC's The Walking Dead

Leaked set photo from Season 4 of AMC’s The Walking Dead

If you have any photos for the upcoming season, please email

Lawrence Jilliard Jr in talks to play new role on The Walking Dead!

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According to an article on, it appears that actor Lawrence Jilliard Jr is in serious negotiations to play a new regular character on Season 4.

The character’s name is Roy Stark and his description has been posted as “an Army medic before the zombie apocalypse who is haunted by his past”. This character may be very close to the comic book character of Abraham, though from sources close to the search he will not be.

Lawrence has been seen in films such as The Waterboy, Gangs of New York, and The Wire, where we acted along side Chris Coleman, who now plays the role of Tyreese on the show.

As always, WTWD.COM will update you when any news breaks during this off season. Shooting for Season 4 begins in May.