Rooms are sold out for the Meet and Greet in Senoia

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WalkingTheWalkingDead.Com was notified yesterday that The Veranda is now completely sold out for the Meet and Greet on February 23rd. We are currently contacting other hotels to get rates for them. Keep checking back for details in the next few days.

WTWD.COM welcomes Michelle Flanagan-Helmeczy to the Senoia Meet and Greet

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Michelle Flanagan-Helmeczy (pronounced hel-met-Z) is a walker from all three seasons of the show and a Senoia native. She is a graduate of Greg Nicotero’s zombie school, where actors have learned the ropes of being a member of the undead. Some of her scenes were from the prison this season and the farm from season 2. She has been an extra in several other shows and commercials, including several Tyler Perry films, Hall Pass, and Scary Movie 5.

Welcome Savana Jade Wehunt to the Meet and Greet event in Senoia!

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WalkingTheWalkingDead.Com is pleased to announce that Savana Jade Wehunt will be appearing at the Senoia Meet N Greet on February 23rd, 2013


From her wiki article:

Savana Jade Wehunt is a Season Two and Three Walker (Zombie) on The Walking Dead. She appeared in episodes one, two, three, twelve, the Finale of Season Two and as of this date as been in episodes six and eight, Season Three’s mid-season Finale.

In addition to the television series she was also chosen by Greg Nicotero to be in his Webisodes on the AMC website. She is featured in #6 from season one.

She also has been Chandler Riggs’ (Carl) stand in, photo double and stunt double. She did the same numerous times for Madison Lintz (Sophia) and helped her learn to be a zombie in her final scene. She also played the Governor’s daughter Penny in the mid-season finale of Season Three. She will appear again in another capacity in the second half of the season.

Recently she was featured on a The Walking Dead Wardrobe Trading Card #M31.

She is the popsicle eating zombie on the title page of the Atlanta Magazine’s article about The Walking Dead – Zombies Are So Hot Right Now.

Other projects she has worked on are MTV’s Teen Wolf, Vh1’s Single Ladies, Fox’s new series with Kevin Bacon, The FollowingNecessary Roughness, on USA Network, the movieThe Watch starring Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn, The Goatsstarring Val Kilmer and Rada Mitchell. This fall she was featured in and helped direct the indie film Zombie City. Also she was featured in the Indie film – Level 7 to be released winter 2013 and this spring she will be working on Night of the Living Dead: Genesis as a lead Ghoul and Ghoul Coordinator.

Most anticipated, she was cast in The Hunger Games Sequel: Catching Fire.

Her newest project is a digital game featuring fellow Walkers from the show as well as possible Main Cast members called: WeHunt Zombies. It’s a cross platform game that will give the player the choice of being a zombie or a survivor.

Since 2006 she has worked at various haunted houses and has continued to work at a haunted attraction every season since. Including being a featured character at Six Flags Over Georgia’s Fright Fest for two years.

Savana is a Junior at the University of West Georgia where she is majoring in Early Childhood Education. But acting is her passion.


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With the Meet and Greet only a month away, I thought I would take some time to answer some questions we have been receiving at WTWD.COM.

First off, please remember that our website is in no way connected to AMC, Robert Kirkman, or any production company that is involved with the show. As such, we do not have access to shooting locations that are on private property or studio owned. We are asking these locations for permission, but we respect any and all requests to not be accessed. We ask that everyone coming respect their privacy as well.


Ok with that out of the way, let’s talk about the event itself. We will be starting the event at 10:00am on Saturday, February 23rd at our host location, The Veranda Bed and Breakfast. We will begin the tour at that time. For the tour, we will be handing out maps to locations we are going to and will be asking everyone to drive together to the locations listed. All locations we are going to are near Senoia, but if time permits, we can also check out locations in Newnan. Lunch will be on your own, but we will be stopping along the way.


After the tour of the area, we will be going back to the Veranda for the Question and Answer session. We have confirmed that walkers Savana Jade Wehunt and Michelle Flanagan-Helmeczy will be in attendance and bringing pictures for autographing. They will also be available for pictures with the fans. We also are in talks with one more walker from the show and are 90% there! More information to come!!


We are then planning to do a zombie photoshoot. We are asking everyone to bring their own zombie makeup. We will be taking pictures are the town, primarily on the sidewalk in front of the Governor’s Mansion set. We do ask that no one go off the sidewalk on to the property, as this is owned by the studio and is private. This is still a GREAT photo opportunity for you to get an awesome picture for Facebook.

Finally, the day will wrap up with a visit to Maguires Irish pub in Senoia. Kick back with a nice beverage of your choice with fellow fans of the show and just have a fun discussion on the show. Even though no filming is going on in the town during this time, you never know who might walk in.


That is about it. This is primarily a fan meet and greet in the location used for Woodbury. The studio will not be filming in the town during this time, so we should not be in their way. We do not anticipate any major stars of the show being around either.

Due to some requirements of private locations we are currently trying to gain access to, we must make this a private event. The cost is $225 for a room and 2 people (while rooms last) and then $65 per person without the room. To reserve a room or RSVP for the event, please contact Jason Kittrell at or call Laura at (770) 599-3905 to pay with credit card. All people interested in going must be registered and paid by 2/20/2013 at 5:00pm central time. A portion of all tickets sold will be donated to the Atlanta Rescue Mission!!

Children under 10  must have a paid adult with them. Email Jason for rates.

Here are some links:


The Veranda:

Town of Senoia:

Atlanta Rescue Mission:

Event Facebook page:

WTWD.COM confirms Elder’s Mill Camp for upcoming tour

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  Written by: has confirmed the addition of the Elder’s Mill campsite to our Senoia Meet and Greet on February 23rd. The owners of the land are going to allow our group exclusive access to this site during the day.

This site was used in the final episode of Season 2, “Beside a Dying Fire”. The spot is most famous for the start of the “rick-tatorship” and also for being the site where we first saw The Prison (The studio added it in thru CGI. The actual prison set is on private property owned by the studio a few miles away).

Come join us! The cost for the tour, Q and A, and after party is only $65 per person. There are also very limited rooms available at our host lodging location The Veranda Bed and Breakfast in Senoia. For $225, you get a room, all access, and breakfast the following morning for 2. To book a room and your package, contact Laura at 770-559-3905. HURRY!!! Rooms are booking fast!

More announcements coming soon!

Walking The Walking Dead.Com to host Meet and Greet in Senoia!

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Come join the crew from WalkingTheWalkingDead.Com for a Meet and Greet in Senoia, GA on February 23rd. We will be based at The Veranda Bed and Breakfast, located one street over from the city streets used for the town of Woodbury during all of season 3. We will be taking a group tour to several locations used in the first three seasons.

Also, there will be a QnA session and WTWD.COM’s travelling collectors conrer where you can purchase hard to find comics and figures from the show! Bring you own zombie makeup and we will take pictures of you for the site in the town!

We would like to annouce our first confirmed guest! Savana Jade Wehunt, who was recently interviewed by this site, has agreed to join us for the QnA . She will be available for autographs and photo ops!

Currently, the Veranda has limited rooms left. The all inclusive package is $225, which include 1 room for the night, all trips and tours, access to the QnA panel, and an invite to the after party! Breakfast is also included the next morning.

For $65, you get everything listed above without the room and breakfast.

For $15, you get access to the tour and QnA

For more information, please contact Jason Kittrell at or to book your room, call Laura at (770) 599-3905

More updates coming this afternoon!!!

For more information on the Veranda, please go to