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We would like to welcome MICHELLE HELMCZY as a guest at the Fan Gathering on August 3rd!!! Michelle was part of our MnG earlier this year, and has worked in all three seasons of The Walking Dead. She is a native of Senoia, GA, and is currently working on her career.

Picture credit: Gene Page/AMC

WTWD Announces Walker MIKE MUNDY as a guest for the Fan Gathering

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Mike Mundy will be appearing at the WTWD Fan Gathering on August 3rd in Senoia, GA. Mike has portrayed several walkers on the show. He has the pleasure of being the last zombie shot by Andrea in the Season 2 finale and is the very first walker seen in Season 3. In fact, the whole opening few seconds of Season 3 Episode 1 is his eye!


Be sure to get your tickets before this show sells out! Only a few tickets remain for the morning bus tour

WTWD.COM would like to welcome SAVANA JADE WEHUNT to the Fan Gathering on August 3rd!!

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It’s official!! Savana Jade Wehunt will be joining WTWD.COM once again for the Fan Gathering in Senoia, GA on August 3rd. Savana has appeared in numerous episodes of the show, and works as a body double for Chandler Riggs (AKA Carl Grimes). Be sure to read her interview with us a few months ago and check out her Walking Dead bio at

W.T.W.D. Radio Free Woodbury – Episode 007 – BONUS Edition

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BONUS SHOW – Recorded live during out Senoia Meet and Greet, this is part one in our series of interviews. This show we ask Michelle Flanagan-Helmeczy what it’s like to be a Zombie/Walker and work on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Keep in touch with us by emailing and tweet us @walkertalkers.

Less than 24 hours to RSVP for Meet and Greet!

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All people who wish to go to the Meet and Greet event on February 23rd MUST reserve their spot by 12:00pm central time tomorrow: 2/20/2013!!! Don’t miss out on this awesome event to meet other fans of the show and see some really great sites!! Plus we have 3 walkers from the show to talk to and work with.


Call Laura at (770) 599-3905 to RSVP!!!!

Come to the Meet and Greet and get access to the Arena scene from Season 3

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WTWD.COM has been granted tentative access to the industrial complex that serves as the backdrop for the mid-season 3 cliffhanger! We would like to thank the people at Caldwell Tanks company for granting this. Now, we have to give them final numbers on 2/20 2013, so be sure to reserve your ticket TODAY!

WTWD.COM welcome Michael Koske to the Senoia Meet and Greet

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Michael Koske is an actor living and working in Middle Georgia. His acting credits include frequent appearances as a featured “Walker” on the AMC television series ‘The Walking Dead.’ His zombie likenesses have graced the pages of Entertainment Weekly, The Walking Dead Official Magazine, The Ultimate Guide to Zombies, Rolling Stone Magazine, and most recently, the cover of TV Guide (this weeks edition).
He has also appeared on USA Network’s ‘Necessary Roughness’, and the movie ‘The Crazies’, and he most recently worked on the newest Hunger Games movie.
Michael frequently appears at conventions in support of his second life as a member of the undead community

Find out more about Michael at his Facebook fan site:


Overflow hotel information: Best Western Peachtree City, GA

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We have our first overflow hotel available. The Best Western, located at 976 Crosstown Road, Peachtree City, Georgia, 30269-2925 has rooms available for 2/23/2013. Located approximately 7 miles from the event, this would be one of the closest hotels to the Meet and Greet host location. They have rooms available for $71.99 a night plus tax. Call 770/632-9700  to reserve your room today!