The Governor (Steven Boyd)
The Governor (Steven Boyd)A comic book fanboy before they were called “fanboys”, Steve Boyd is the co-creator of and a huge fan of THE WALKING DEAD and comic books in general. When he’s not out searching for rare comics for his collection, Steve is also director of the comic-collecting website and co-host of THE FANBOY BUZZ podcast on He lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee with his wife, Leah, and a chinchilla named Penny.
Walkerbait (Stephen Jondrew)
Walkerbait (Stephen Jondrew)Believe it or not Stephen Jondrew went years co-owning a comic book website (now called Fanboy Buzz) without ever reading a single issue of the Walking Dead. After years of pressure by fellow staff members, one day Stephen decided to get off of his lazy ass sit on his lazy ass, open up ComiXology and download the first couple issues of the series – he was instantly sold.

As you can imagine when Steve Boyd came to him wanting to build a Walking Dead fansite, there was no hesitation to say yes. Stephen’s goal with Walking the Walking Dead is to offer all important (and more importantly interesting) information in one easy to navigate fansite. If you see any glitches or bugs, Stephen is definitely the guy to call.

When Stephen’s not reading or watching Walking Dead you can often find him in his igloo huddled around his computer podcasting on the Fanboy Buzz comic book podcast…. just please don’t try to send him down another well for awhile.

Suicide_King (J. Christopher Smith)
Suicide King (J. Christopher Smith)I am a lifelong fan of anything dark + macabre, beginning with the old classic black-and-white horror movies (that I had to sneak to stay up and watch) and campy TV fare such as The Addams Family, The Munsters and The Night Stalker. That led to the writings of Stephen King as well as the works of artists such as Edgar Allen Poe, Edward Gorey, Thomas Harris, Chuck Palahniuk, and of course, Dr Seuss.

I was born + raised in Middle Tennessee, received my further education at Western Kentucky, and currently live amongst the moss-covered oaks of historic coastal Southeastern Georgia. In past lives I’ve been a long-haired bass player in college rock bands and an over-worked restaurant manager, but currently crunch numbers and curb-stomp spreadsheets for a Fortune 500 company. I enjoy spending time at my spooky marsh-front manor (dubbed the Monster Plantation or Monsta P) with my lovely wife Melanie, our dogs, and a monkey butler named Amos Moses.
Zombie Slayer (LeeAnna Player)
Zombie Slayer (LeeAnna Player)LeeAnna Player used to be your average girl next door type with a secret love for horror and gore. Most girls would dream about their favorite boy bands and new pair of shoe, not LeeAnna. She had dreams of being a zombie slayer fighting off herds in old abandoned boarded up houses. These dreams are what sparked her love for everything zombie. When she saw the preview for The Walking Dead, she had no idea that this would be the push that turned her into a ‘Fan Girl.’

When WTWD posted they were looking for new contributors for the site, she knew she found her calling. With her quirky since of humor and love for the undead, writing about The Walking Dead was the perfect plat form for her to unleash her inner zombie slayer on the world. You have been warned!!
Welcome to Walking the Walking DeadThe Governor (Steven Boyd)
It was a Wednesday several years ago when I turned my nose up at THE WALKING DEAD #1 on the day it came out at my friendly neighborhood comic book shop in Nashville, Tennessee.

I remember it very well. “Zombies just aren’t my thing,” I said defiantly to the owner of the shop. He stood there agape at my snub while I proudly clutched my DC and MARVEL titles tighter as if to solidify a point. “I’m just a super-hero kind of guy.”

Kid you NOT. Those were my words…or the closest approximation I can come to the exact conversation.

“This is a terrific book,” the shop owner said. “If you don’t get this, you’ll regret it.”

Unwavering in my stubborness, I politely turned the comic down again, and thus it was that I didn’t throw down the $2.99 for the first issue of THE WALKING DEAD.

I don’t know why I did it. Maybe it was the fact that colorful characters in spandex that throw hammers and spin webs felt like old friends and pretty much raised me. It would be like denying your Grandma a hug to show your disloyalty by spending money on something other than what you knew and loved. Buying that comic about zombies and the Undead would represent a failure on my part as a buyer of “The Big Two”. Plus, Zombies are…kinda nasty. Guts and bones and blood. Shambling rotting shells of humanity that weren’t unfamiliar. They were my friends. They were my neighbors. They were children. And they all came at me lifeless with one simple goal: to eat me.


Fast forward to 2010.