AmyAmy (portrayed by Emma Bell) is the younger sister of Andrea. Before the apocalypse Amy was attending college in Atlanta. When the apocalypse occurred, Amy and her sister were rescued by Dale Horvath after being stranded on their way back to the college after a road trip.

In a conversation Amy has with Andrea, Jacqui and Carol, she remarks that she most misses her computer and texting. On the day before her birthday Amy begins to return from the RV after using the bathroom. Amy gets bit by two separate zombies – one in the arm and one in the neck. Amy dies in Andrea’s arms waking up the next day as a Zombie. Zombie Amy is put down by Andrea.Dr. Edwin Jenner
Dr. Edwin JennerDr. Edwin Jenner first appeared in the final two episodes of The Walking Dead: Season One entitled “Wildfire” and “TS-19” respectively.

Edwin Jenner was employed at the Atlanta offices of the Center for Disease Control (CDC). He and his wife Candace (the head of the CDC) along with other scientists, worked to find a cure for the zombie plague affecting humanity in the beginning days and weeks of the outbreak. Many of the drained workers “opted out” by suicide or left their post to be with their families. However, Edwin and his wife continued to work on. For unknown reasons, Candace became ill and allowed her transformation into the undead to be recorded for research purposes in the hope of a cure. Jenner shot his wife in the head as she reanimated. As the weeks continued, Edwin remained alone in the underground complex attempting to continue the research in the hopes of a cure for the outbreak. On Day 64 of testing, Jenner’s worst fears were realized when he accidentally tips over a vial of liquid, spreading fumes throughout his lab. The complex, (automated by a sophisticated computer system called “Vi”) goes into contimation mode and unleashes a fiery blast, which destroys the research and the samples Jenner worked on. Dr. Jenner, drained and exhausted, makes a video log of the tragedy and begins to drink excessively…thinking maybe it’s time for he too to “opt out”.

Meanwhile at Rick’s behest, he and the rest of the survivors travel to Atlanta for help at the CDC. Low on supplies and hope, they arrive to find what appears to be an abandoned CDC, with noone left alive and noone there to help. In an act of desparation, Rick pleas into one of the security camers outside for their plight, hoping someone inside might see and hear. Jenner, monitoring the security camera, moves the camera, causing Rick to believe there is someone inside the building. Tensions in the group rise as they try to convince Rick that they need to leave the city before dark. Suddenly, Jenner opens the front door to the complex and lets the survivors come inside for safety.

Dr. Jenner insists on blood samples from the survivors to rule out the chances of infection. He notices the survivors are weak and disshoveled and allows them to eat and shower using the complex’s undergroud living facilities. Rick and the others think this might be the safe haven they’ve sought from the terror outside. After Shane pushes Dr. Jenner for answers to the chaos outside, Jenner shows them footage of “Test Subject 19″‘s final moments so they could see for themselves how the body reanimates after death. Over time, they realize that Test Subject 19 is Jenner’s wife Candace. Jenner informs them that she was one of the most brilliant minds in her field and his work could never equal hers on finding a cure. Additionally, with the loss of the samples, there is nothing more he can do to find a cure. Dale inquires to a countdown clock on the wall of the control room, which continues to count down. Jenner informs Dale that when the countdown reaches its’ end, the generators will run out of fuel and the center will destory itself. The other survivors begin to panic and leave the room, but Jenner locks the room down, believing that there is truly no hope for anyone, including them. Rick makes a passionate plea for their survival to Dr. Jenner, who is moved by Rick and allows Vi to unlock the steel doors so the survivors can have a chance to escape. Jenner stops Rick, whispers something in his ear, and stays behind with a survivor named Jacqui, who decides there is nothing left but a peaceful end by death. Dr. Edwin Jenner and Jacqui are believed to be killed when the center is destroyed during the explosion which levels the facility.

In the final episode of Season Two “Beside The Dying Fire”, Rick reveals Jenner’s secret to the other survivors…that everyone is infected with the disease and will reanimate into undead zombies upon death.

Dr. Edwin Jenner was portrayed by Noah Emmerich.Jacqui
JacquiIt is presumed that Jacqui lived in the Atlanta area while working for the city’s zoning authority. After the death of her family, Jacqui meets up with the rest of the survivors and appears through most of Season One.

After witnessing the death of Andrea’s sister Amy and the pain in leaving Jim behind, Jacqui decides to stay behind with Dr. Edwin Jenner when the rest of the survivors flee the destruction of the CDC in the final episode of Season One “TS-19.” It is presumed Jacqui and Jenner are both dead.

Jacqui was portrayed by actress Jeryl Prescott.Otis
OtisOtis worked for on Hershel Greene’s farm for years before the apocalypse. Otis and his wife Patricia became quite close to the Greene family presumably living in the same house. Otis was hunting for a deer when he accidentally shot Carl Grimes.

After the hunting accident Otis was very emotional and did everything he could to help Carl recover. Otis eventually made the decision to risk his life to seek out medical supplies needed for Carl. Shane and Otis made the trip together and eventually was sacrificed by Shane Walsh when they were attacked by a herd of walkers.Dale Horvath
Dale HorvathBefore the apocalypse Dale Horvath (portrayed by Jeffrey DeMunn) was married to a woman named Erma. They once had a miscarriage which led them to the decision to never try to have kids again. Dale’s wife eventually died of cancer before he could take her on a roadtrip in an RV he had purchased, but decided he would do the trip anyway even though he was in an extremely depressed state. When the apocalypse began he encountered Amy and Andrea in need of help and the three of them banded together, eventually meeting up with the rest of the survival group.

Dale often tries to be the moral compass of the group in situations where he felt judgment was being clouded. Dale was not afraid to take actions that risked his life including convincing Andrea to live by threatening to die alongside her and also hiding the group’s guns. Dale took Glenn under his wing teaching him survival knowledge such as how to fix cars.

After a decision is made by the group to execute an innocent man, Dale decides he wants to have no part in it and leaves the group to venture out on his own. Dale doesn’t make it very far before he is attacked by the very same walker that Carl accidentally freed in the swamp. The survivors quickly rush to Dale’s aide, and kill the creature… but they arrive too late to find Dale’s stomach has been ripped open by the walker. Realizing there’s little they can do for their friend, Daryl draws his gun. Dale painfully struggles to place his forehead to the barrel of the gun. Finally, Daryl apologizes and puts Dale out of his misery with a single shot to the head.Sophia Peletier
Sophia PeletierSophia Peletier (portrayed by Madison Lintz) was the daughter of Carol and Ed Peletier. It’s unknown whether or not she was a victim of abuse similar to that which her mother endured.

After the apocalypse Sophia was most often found either near her mother or with Carl. Sophia was extremely naive and often depended on others to assist her in day to day life. In an attempt to hide from walkers when the group is stuck on a highway, Sophia is discovered and in an attempt to escape runs to a nearby forest. Rick eventually catches up her, tells her directions on how to return back, and leaves her as he attempts to kill the walkers. When Rick comes back to find Sophia she is missing and is only found several days later when its discovered that at some point she became a zombie and was in Hershel Greene’s barn. Shane Walsh
Shane WalshBefore the apocalypse Shane Walsh (portrayed by Jon Bernthal) worked as partners with Rick Grimes as the King County Sheriff’s Department. Long time friend’s with Rick, Shane became quite close to him and his family and when Rick entered a coma after being shot in the line of duty, Shane quickly stepped in to help his family get through the tough times.

Knowing the chaos occurring at the hospital once the apocalypse broke out Shane risked his life to check on Rick Grimes. Surprised at the events occurring at the hospital, Shane was pressed to make a quick decision and decided to barricade Rick’s room and shift his focus on helping Rick’s family escape the town.

Later meeting up with a group of other survivors, Shane takes up a leadership role not hesitating to make decisions that he believes are for the good of the group. Lori and Shane develop a romantic and physical relationship before they discover that Rick has actually survived and managed to locate them. Shane often expresses his disagreement with decisions that Rick makes even telling Lori that he feels Rick wasn’t meant for the new chaotic world. When Shane finds out that Lori is pregnant he’s confident that the child is hers.

Shane’s animosity for Rick continues to build to a point where Shane tries to put Rick into life threatening situations on several occasions. Shane feels that Rick can’t make decisions that may not always be morally correct. Shane demonstrates that he doesn’t have this problem when he sacrifices Otis in order to get Carl the medical supplies he needs. Eventually Shane comes to the decision that Rick has to be killed for the good of the group and sets up the situation where he can do so. Shane underrates Rick’s potential in a life-threatening situation and Rick kills him in self defense. Shortly after his death Zombie-Shane comes to life and his put down by Carl Grimes.Patricia
PatriciaPatricia (portrayed by Jane McNeill) was the wife of Otis and was a long time friend of the Greene family. After outbreak the Patricia and her husband lived with the Greene family lending a hand with whatever they could.

When her husband advises that he’s going to head with Shane Walsh to seek medical supplies for Carl, she begs him not to risk his life. Otis decided to still go and she says her goodbyes knowing he may not return. When Otis does not return Hershel breaks the news to her and is comforted by him and Rick.

Although Patricia was often seen doing work around the house such as preparing dinner, she also was one of the members responsible for feeding the zombies in the barn. On her own accord she requested gun training from Rick and Shane eventually proving to have the best shot out of the females who attended their class. During the chaos of trying to escape the farm once it became overrun with Zombies, Patricia was killed by a walker.Jimmy
JimmyJimmy was the boyfriend of Beth Greene. Although not much is known about Jimmy on several occasions he is seen assisting the group in a variety of roles.

When Jimmy realizes that Rick and Carl are stuck in the burning barn, he drives Dale’s RV to it so that the two can climb onto it and make their escape. Although his actions help Carl and Rick to live, Jimmy is attacked by a zombie and dies. T-Dog
T-DogLittle is known about the life of T-Dog (portrayed by IronE Singleton) prior to the apocalypse. It’s assumed that before Rick found the survivors group, T-Dog received verbal abuse from Merle Dixon. Merle was extremely racist towards T-Dog until Rick handcuffed him to a roof.

Even after all the abuse when it becomes time for the group to leave the city, T-Dog makes an attempt to uncuff Merle but accidentally drops the key into a drainpipe. T-Dog rarely voices his opinion often siding with the group’s decisions. On several occasions T-Dog has stepped up when needed including standing up to another group who stole their guns and kidnapped Glenn.

When a herd of walkers threaten the lives of the group after they become stuck on a highway, T-Dog accidentally cuts his arm on a broken piece of metal. T-Dog’s loss of blood causes him to become weak but is ultimately saved by Daryl Dixon who throws a dead body on top of him to prevent his scent from being detected. After the group is run off of Hershel’s farm, T-Dog escapes with Lori and Beth. It’s unknown how well T-Dog can drive as rather than making a simple three-point turn, he opts for the more carless, large U-Turn which involves going largely off the highway.

In Season 3 T-Dog is demonstrated to have become a bit more defensive than previous seasons, however, he demonstrates a lack of change when he disagrees with the group about letting the Prison Survivors into their group. T-Dog’s death finally comes in Killer Within when he get bit and ultimately demolished by several zombies.Lori Grimes
Lori GrimesBefore the apocalypse Lori Grimes (portrayed by Sarah Wayne Callies) was a stay at home mother taking care of her and Rick Grime’s son Carl. In Episode 01 of Season 01 a conversation between Rick and his partner indicates that Lori often feared for Rick’s line of work. Lori spoke her mind openly about her dissatisfaction in her marriage, even to the level of talking openly in front of their son Carl.

When the apocalypse broke out, Shane helped Lori and Carl flee the town and Lori is left believing her husband has died in the hospital. Lori seeks comfort with Shane developing a physical and emotion relationship. The relationship is cut short when she discovers that Rick has lived and has managed to locate her and Carl.

In season 2 Lori discovers that she is pregnant not knowing for sure who the father of the child is. Struggling at first how to proceed, Lori eventually decides to abandon an attempt at abortion and proceed with having the child. Lori also makes the decision that no matter what the biological circumstances may be, Rick is and always be the father of the child.

Similar to before the apocalypse, Lori is often left worrying about Rick while he is off seeking betterment for the group. Lori feels that Rick sometimes puts the group ahead of his family sometimes leaving her feeling helpless. While most of the time Lori stays with other members of the group with the intention of watching over Carl, in Season 2 Lori sets off in an attempt to locate Rick after he doesn’t return. After Lori crashes her car and is left in immediate danger, she realized how bad the world has really become.

As Season 3 begins, it’s been several months since Hershel’s farm has been overrun. Lori has carried her child to term while she and Rick struggle with the events leading up to Shane’s death. After Rick and the other survivors make camp in the prison, Lori confesses to Hershel she is concerned over her unborn child’s health as well as her own should there be any complications from the baby’s birth.

One morning while Rick, Glenn and other survivors are cleaning up the prison yard, Lori, Carl and Maggie are separated from the others as a large group of zombies (led in by Andrew) makes their way into the camp. The trio are forced to take refuge inside the prison’s boiler room, where Lori begins to go into labor. Maggie tries to prepare her for birth but is horrified to discover there is a serious problem with the delivery. Determined to make sure her child is born, Lori instructs Maggie to take Carl’s knife and reopen her C-Section scar in order to get the baby out. The three surviors cry as Lori makes the fateful the decision that her life is not as important as her baby’s. Saying a tearful goodbye to Carl, Maggie does as she is instructed, cuts Lori open, and removes the child from her womb as Lori screams in pain until she bleeds out. To insure the safety of the group (and perhaps out of love for his mother’s memory), Carl takes out his handgun and uses it on Lori’s corpse…insuring that his newborn sibling’s future does not include meeting a zombified mother.

Maggie and Lori meet up with the rest of the group outside, and Rick discovers to his horror that he is a new father…and the wife he desperately sought to reunite with when the world went to hell is now dead.
Merle Dixon
Merle DixonMerle Dixon (portrayed by Michael Rooker) is the brother of Daryl Dixon and is a rough, opinioned and somewhat racist person. Merle expresses his hatred towards T-Dog several times in his short appearance and is eventually handcuffed to a roof by Rick Grimes.

Merle is accidentally left stranded when T-Dog drops the key to the cuffs in a drainpipe with no alternative way to unlock the cuffs. Eventually Rick Grimes comes back for Merle and its discovered that he has escaped by cutting off his hand and also it appears he cauterized it on a nearby stove.

Merle Dixon’s location was unknown from Season 1 through to Season 3 when it’s revealed that The Governor found Merle at an unknown time, taking him back to Woodbury to become a valuable member of his team. Once Merle learns from Andrea that his brother is alive, it becomes a priority for him to reunite with Daryl. For the first half of Season 3 Merle acts as a trustworthy member of the Governor’s force. When Rick and his crew break into Woodbury in a rescue effort, Merle ends up outcast and the Governor puts him Daryl in a death match against eachother. Both brothers are saved by the prison crew and for the remainder of the season Merle finds himself as an outsider amongst them, eventually leading him to take care of the Governor on his own. Merle sets a plan in motion to kill the Governor but is discovered, shot dead, and Walker Merle is put down by Daryl.
AndreaAndrea (portrayed by Laurie Holden) was a civil rights lawyer and was twelve years older than her sister Amy. Andrea has experience in fishing thanks to frequent trips and teaching with him as a child. When the apocalypse broke out Andrea and Amy were on a road trip back to Amy’s college and ended up becoming stranded in Atlanta.

Dale Horvath managed to rescue Andrea and Amy eventually meeting up with the other group of survivors. Andrea is not afraid to speak her mind as demonstrated when she greets Rick with a handgun angry at his recklessness. Andrea loses her drive for life when her sister is attacked and in turn is forced to shoot her when she turns into a Zombie. Eventually Andrea doesn’t see a reason for continue to living in the post-apocalyptic world and decides she would rather die at the self-destructing CDC. Although Dale disagrees with this decision, he expresses his feelings for Andrea and eventually convinces her to continue on with life after he threatens to die alongside her. Andrea becomes mad at Dale but eventually comes to understand his reasoning when she realizes that she would rather continuing living.

Andrea is vocal with her feelings often finding herself on the same page as Shane rather than Rick. She also developed a tight relationship with Shane who helped her to learn basic means of survival including how to handle a gun. In the season 2 finale Andrea gets caught up in the chaos of trying to escape the farm left fending for herself. Andrea manages to survive on her own for awhile but eventually gets cornered by Zombies; luckily she’s saved by a mysterious hooded figured (Michonne).

The beginning of Season 3 reveals that Andrea has been plagued by an unknown illness depending heavily on Michonne contrary to her best efforts. When Andrea and Michonne are taken to Woodbury by The Governor she finds herself feeling as if she’s found a good place to settle down. Andrea spends most of Season 3 warming up to both the Governor and the town of Woodbury. However, eventually Andrea finds out her friends are still alive and sets out to reunite and try to convince them that Woodbury is a good place to be. Andrea makes it to the prison and as she catches up with the group she quickly realizes that the Governor has not been truthful about what transpired behind closed doors. Andrea heads back to Woodbury with the plan to kill the Governor, but finds she can’t do it and sets up a meeting between the two groups to hammer out a deal. When she realizes that discussions have gone south she tried to warn the prison crew but is eventually captured by the Governor just shy of the prison. Andrea is tied up by the Governor and eventually is able to break free – but not before a turned-Milton bites her. Andrea takes her own life to prevent turning into a walker. In her last moments of life Andrea gives a call out to Rick that she “knows how the safety works.”