Little Girl Zombie
Little Girl ZombiePortrayed by Addy Miller, the “Little Girl Zombie” is the very first zombie shown during the opening scene of THE WALKING DEAD TV show.

After leaving the Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Rick Grimes is travelling on “Highway 85 towards Atlanta” when he stops at an intersection looking for gas at an abandoned gas station off the main road. The gas station is overrun by cars, corpses and debris. While surveying the scene, Rick hears footsteps and notices a girl dressed in pajamas and a bathrobe carrying the tattered remains of a teddy bear. When Rick calls out to the child, she slowly turns around and reveals her disfigured zombified face to the shocked Deputy. She makes her way towards him slowly and growls, giving Rick just enough time to reach for his gun and put a bullet in her forehead.Bicycle Zombie
Bicycle ZombieHannah, aka the notorious “Bicycle Girl” Zombie, has the honor of owning many distinct titles in THE WALKING DEAD television mythology. She is not only the only Walking Dead character to be played by two different actresses, (Melissa Cowan in Episode #1 and Lilli Birdsell in the webisodes) but also also the first “live” zombie Rick Grimes chronologically encounters in the first episode of the TV series and one of the very first zombie Rick encounters in the first issue of the comic book series.

According to the 6-part webisode series, Hannah and her two children were rescued by her ex-husband Andrew after a car accident occured just when the zombie apocalypse hit. After Andrew’s death, Hannah and her children planned their escape to Atlanta by car when they were attacked. Hannah was bitten on the arm by a zombie as the family was trying to escape. Realizing her fate, Hannah sacrificed herself to an oncoming zombie horde so her two children could get away.

Over the course of the next several weeks, Hannah’s mangled body continued to decompose and at some point was ripped in half. Her undead remains were discovered by Deputy Rick Grimes as he rode a bicycle back to his neighborhood from the hospital to find his wife Lori and their son Carl. After Rick meets up with Morgan and Duane, Rick returns to find Hannah’s remains crawling through a wooded area. Showing mercy for the creature, Rick kneels down, apologizes for her fate and fires a single shot from his gun, killing her.

As of this writing, the fate of Hannah’s two children is not known.Jennifer Jones
Jennifer JonesJennifer Jones’ first and only appearance to date on the TV show is the first episode from Season 1 entitled “DAYS GONE BYE.”

After Rick Grimes leaves the hospital and returns to his neighborhood, he meets (rather painfully) the father and son pair of Morgan and Duane Jones. Morgan changes Rick’s hospital dressings and brings him up to speed on the state of the world since his accident. Morgan and Duane have taken refuge in the home of one of Rick’s neighbors. The trio tries to keep quiet while a pack of zombies walks by the home, however Duane breaks down when he sees the corpse of his mother (who is also Morgan’s wife) walking by the home. Sensing the noise inside, the creature walks up on the porch of the home and attempts to turn the doorknob. Eventually, she walks away.

Morgan explains to Rick that his wife Jenny became sick with a fever and died. Due to the zombie apocalypse, she returned to life and has been wandering around the neighborhood with the other zombies ever since.

When Rick takes Morgan and Duane to the Sheriff’s Office, Rick gives the father a rifle with an “accurate scope”…a hint that perhaps its’ time to put Jennifer down. Going their separate ways, Morgan and Duane return to the home. Digging out family pictures of Jenny and placing it on the window seal, Morgan begins taking aim at several zombies walking outside on the street. However, when Jennifer finally shows up, Morgan can’t bring himself to shoot her. He continues to struggle every time he gets Jenny’s face into the scope, and it is unclear if Morgan was ever able to finally pull the trigger.

Jennifer Jones was portrayed by Keisha Tillis.Deputy Leon Basset
Deputy Leon BassetActor Linds Edwards portrayed the former King County Sheriff’s-Deputy-turned-Zombie, who appeared in the pilot episode of THE WALKING DEAD “Days Gone Bye”.

Deputy Basset assisted his fellow officers Rick Grimes and Shane Walsh in the police chase that eventually ended with Rick’s near-fatal injury that put him in the hospital.

After the Zombie Apocalypse, Rick awakens from the hospital and eventually meets Morgan and Duane in his old neighborhood. Rick takes Morgan and Duane to the King County Sheriff’s Office to clean up and gear up. While leaving the facility, the reanimated zombie corpse of Deputy Basset shambles to the gates of the building*.

“I never cared much for him,” Rick admits. “Careless and dumb. But I can’t leave him like this.”

Rick takes the barrel of his gun, pokes it through the fence and places the barrel on Leon’s forehead. Rick pulls the trigger and puts an end to his former fellow deputy.

*Basset was also a character in AMC’s website-exclusive game “DEAD RECKONING”, which gives some insight on Leon’s fate. While Rick was hospitalized, Leon was partnered with Deputy Shane Walsh. According to the game’s story, Basset and Walsh eventually part ways when Shane makes the decision to take Lori and Carl to Atlanta and get Rick from the hospital (seen in opening flashback sequence in the final episode of Season One) while Basset decides to stay behind and maintain his duties protecting King County. He is eventually attacked by a fellow officer named Don, who we are led to believe infected Deputy Basset.Bus Zombie (aka Kevin Bacon Zombie)
Bus Zombie (aka Kevin Bacon Zombie)Also known by fans as the “Kevin Bacon” Zombie, Rick encounters this creature when visiting Atlanta in the first episode of the TV series “Days Gone Bye”.

Arriving on horseback, Rick first notices the Bus Zombie, dressed in a bloody and mangled suit and tie sitting quietly on the remains of a bus. The Bus Zombie spots Rick on his horse and shambles off the bus in slow decaying pursuit. Rick dismisses him and the other few zombies as well and continues on. After seeing a helicopter in the reflection of an office building, Rick wanders directly into the path of a zombie hoard. When the hoard attacks and devours his horse, Rick drops his bags of guns and scrambles for cover in the safety of an army tank. Meanwhile, the Bus Zombie watches on.

While the fate of the Bus Zombie is unknown, his likeness was used for the “Zombie Walker” Action Figure in the AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD Series One line by McFarlane Toys.Tank Zombie
Tank ZombieThe Tank Zombie’s first and only appearance is in the first episode of THE WALKING DEAD entitled “Days Gone Bye”.

Rick is trapped beneath an army tank and surrounded by zombies trying to reach him. Realizing this could be the end of his journey, Rick puts his gun to his head and tells Lori and Carl he’s sorry. Before he pulls the trigger, he glances upward and sees an opening in the bottom of the army tank and scrambles inside its’ belly. Regaining his bearings, Rick scoots himself against the wall of the tank where beside him lay the decaying corpse of a soldier. Suddenly, the soldier awakens and turns to look at the shocked deputy. Rick puts his gun under the chin of the Tank Zombie and pulls the trigger…killing him. However, the bullet ricochets and reverberates throughout the enclosed steel tank, causing a loud ringing that hurts Rick’s ears. This causes him to lose his balance for a moment.

After Rick speaks to Glenn for the first time on the tank’s radio, Rick searches the body of the Tank Zombie for anything that can help his situation and finds a grenade. The grenade is eventually used to save the lives of the survivors at the CDC in the final episode of Season 1.

The Tank Zombie was played by veteran sci-fi actor Sam Witwer who has appeared on shows such as SMALLVILLE and SyFy Channel’s BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and BEING HUMAN. In an interview in early 2012, Frank Darabont confirmed that Witwer was hired for the role as intentions at the time were to flash back to this character’s demise in a Season 2 opener. The idea was eventually shelved.Wayne Dunlap
Wayne DunlapWayne Dunlap was born in 1979.

At the time of his death, he had a Georgia driver’s license and $28 cash in his wallet along with a picture of a pretty girl named Rachel.

Wayne was also an organ donor.Deer Eater Zombie
Deer Eater ZombieThe “Deer-Eater” Zombie makes his first and only appearance in the third episode of the TV series entitled “Tell It To The Frogs”.

After meeting Andrea, Glenn, T-Dog and the other survivors in Atlanta, Rick comes back to camp with them and is reunited with Lori and Carl. Happy to be back with his family, Rick is haunted by the thought of leaving someone behind…even someone like Merle Dixon…and is planning his return to New York to bring him home when a scream breaks the silence of the camp. Rick, Shane, and others rush to commotion and find a terrified Carl who has wandered up on a zombie feasting on the remains of a dead deer. The walker turns around and growls, forcing the survivors to knock the creature to the ground and attack it. Dale severes the Deer-Eater’s head from his body when another sound is heard from the woods. The sound turns out to be Merle’s brother Daryl returning from a squirrel hunt. The survivor’s look in horror as the severed head of the Deer-Eater is still animated and growling. Daryl walks up and casually puts an arrow into the Deer-Eater’s eye with his crossbow.

Portrayed by WALKING DEAD director Greg Nicotero, the likeness of the Deer-Eater Zombie was also used for the Zombie Biter Action Figure in AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD Series One line by McFarlane Toys.RV Zombie
Deputy Leon BassetIn the Season Two Opener “What Lies Ahead”, the survivors are heading towards Fort Benning when they are stopped by a massive pileup on the highway, forcing them to stop for a while. As they work out various personal problems amongst one another (including Andrea blaming Dale for saving her instead of letting her die at the CDC explosion), a large herd of zombies passes through the area. Rick, Lori, Shane, Dale and the rest are forced to keep quiet and hide quietly while the herd passes by. However, one of the herd shambles on board Dale’s RV where Andrea is hidden quietly in the bathroom. Andrea makes a little too much noise and the RV Zombie eventually fights his way in. After a brief struggle, Andrea stabs the creature in the eye, killing him.

The RV Zombie’s likeness is used for the McFarlane Toys SEASON TWO Blu-Ray box set of THE WALKING DEAD, which features the creature’s head with a screwdriver driven through it’s eye. It’s likeness is also scheduled for the Series Two Action Figures line planned for release in October 2012.Hanging  Zombie
Hanging ZombieIn the Season 2 episode entitled “Save The Last One”, Daryl and Andrea are walking through the woods when they come across a gruesome sight: a zombie strung up by a noose. The creature’s legs and feet have been chewed down to the bone, but it continues to growl and struggle to get to the pair.

What happened to the man before the zombie apocalypse is unclear, but Daryl finds a note attached to the tree that gives a clue:

“Got bit. Fever hit. World gone to shit. Might as well quit.”

Daryl makes light of the poor creature’s plight, referring to him as a “pinata” while Andrea becomes ill looking at the creature. Daryl walks away, leaving Andrea to ask why he doesn’t kill him. The hunter initially says that the man made his choice and killing him would be a waste of an arrow, however Daryl eventually walks over before the duo departs and shoots the creature mercifully.Well Walker
Well WalkerBy the Season Two episode “Cherokee Rose”, the survivors are learning their way around Hershel’s Farm. Dale and T-Dog are talking while pumping water from a well used for the farm’s cattle when Dale discovers a zombie has somehow gotten himself trapped at the bottom of the well…wading around in the potentially polluted water. The decision is made to lower Glenn into the well in order to get a rope around the Well Walker so he can be pulled up. However, things don’t go quite according to plan and Glenn ends up a dangling morsel for the zombie. The other survivors manage to pull Glenn free, but not before Glenn was able to wrangle the Well Walker with his rope. As the bloated walker is pulled to the top of the well, the gang struggles to get him to the surface. Their efforts are wasted, however, as the Well Walker’s body gives in to the strain of the effort and is rended in two causing the zombie’s legs and torso to fall back into the well.

Still growling and clawing at the grossed-out survivors, they finish the poor creature off.Annette Greene
Annette Greene
After the death of Hershel’s first wife Josephine, he meets and remarries a woman named Annette. Annette has a son named Shawn from a prior marraige. Hershel’s daughter Maggie has a hard time warming up to Annette at first, but eventually she accepts Annette into the family. Hershel and his new wife Annette have a daughter named Beth.

It’s unclear exactly how Annette and her son become infected, however Hershel placed their bodies in the barn on their farm in the hopes that news reports he’d heard about a potential cure for the infection were true. Over the following weeks, more undead wandered onto Hershel’s farm in the form of neighbors and other farmers. Hershel and his family continued to put them all in the barn for safe keeping. It was during this time the Greene family found Sophia and rounded her up into the barn as well.

When Glenn accidentally discovers the barn full of walkers, words spreads through the rest of the camp. An unbalanced Shane, fearful for the safety of the others, releases the zombie hoard onto the farm while he, Andrea and many others slaughter them as they walk out. Annette is finished off when Andrea drives a pick axe into her skull, killing her. A distraught Beth and Greene family continue to watch in horror as one by one, the rest of the zombies emerge and are executed.

Annette was portrayed by Amber Chaney.Swamp Walker
Swamp WalkerPortrayed by veteran WALKING DEAD zombie actor Kevin Galbraith, the Swamp Walker is the only zombie appearing in the Season Two episode “Judge, Jury, Executioner.”

After stealing one of Daryl’s guns, Carl wanders off into the woods and discovers a single zombie with his leg stuck in the mud. Realizing that the creature cannot pull itself free, Carl begins to toy with the creature. When throwing rocks at the zombie isn’t enough, Carl attempts to get a closer look. When he does, the Swamp Walker pulls his leg free and attacks the terrified Carl. Dropping his gun, Carl runs off leaving the Walker behind.

Later in the episode, Dale leaves a meeting discussing the fate of the captured Randall upset. While walking outside, he discovers one of Hershel’s cows dying alone in a field. As he inspects closer, he is attacked by the Swamp Walker. Dale and the creature struggle, however, the zombie mortally wounds Dale by ripping open his stomach. The survivors rush to Dale’s aid, and Daryl promptly kills the lone swamp zombie. Realizing there’s nothing they can do for their friend, Daryl apologizes to Dale, puts a gun to the wounded man’s head and pulls the trigger.

In an exclusive interview with WALKINGTHEWALKINGDEAD.COM, Galbraith was asked if he had ever considered Swamp Walker’s origin. “It’s a fun thing to think about but I don’t think it’s that important,” Kevin says. “Probably just another one of Hershel’s farmer neighbors…. Maybe not every zombie can take down a cow single-handedly though, so he could have been an expert in cattle husbandry or something.”