No. Title Directed by Writer Original Air Date
1 “30 Days Without an Accident” Greg Nicotero Scott M. Gimple October 13, 2013
30 Days Without An AccidentAfter renouncing leadership and taking in the remaining Woodbury citizens, Rick has resigned into farming and taking care of pigs, one of which appears sick. Rick also refuses to carry guns, in hopes of being a better example to his son, Carl. The prison has become an ideal and peaceful location for the survivors, who manage to keep walkers from entering. Michonne continues to search for the Governor and plans to search for him next in Macon. While out in the woods to clear snares, Rick finds a tattered woman named Clara and becomes suspicious. Rick converses with her about her life and her husband. At her camp, Clara attempts and fails to kill Rick to feed her zombified husband and stabs herself to join him as a walker. Daryl leads a small group, including former army medic Bob Stookey and Beth’s new boyfriend Zach, on a supply run to a retail store. When Bob causes an accident in the store, walkers pour in from the roof, and Zach is killed when he is bitten by walkers. When the group returns to the prison, Daryl informs Beth of Zach’s demise; Beth does not display emotion, saying that she no longer cries and instead decides to be happy she got to know him. Patrick, Carl’s friend who has become ill, collapses and dies in the shower rooms, and reanimates as a walker.
2 “Infected” Guy Ferland Angela Kang October 20, 2013
InfectedThe reanimated Patrick proceeds to devour multiple people in his cell block, turning them into walkers as well. The walkers at the fences have multiplied after someone is revealed to have been feeding them with rats. The walkers inside the prison proliferate as the inhabitants evacuate the primary cell block, although the walkers, including Patrick, are quickly killed by the rest of the survivors. Carol takes care of a man, Ryan Samuels, whose children are Lizzie and Mika, and he realizes he has been bitten in the arm and neck. Ryan, coming to terms with his imminent death, asks Carol to take care of his children, while Carol decides to bring his children to him to say goodbye. She comforts the girls and encourages them to stay strong. Rick and Daryl discover that Patrick has been killed by an aggressive flu strain that causes the infected person to choke on his own blood. The survivors decide to quarantine those who might be infected to prevent the virus from spreading. The outer fence of the prison is about to give way to the walkers, and the group tries to hold off the undead, discovering the rats in the process. Rick drives out the walkers by reluctantly feeding them his pigs, which are deemed to be possible hosts for the new virus. As Rick scraps his pig pen, Carl discloses to his father that Carol has been teaching the children how to use weapons. Rick gives Carl back his gun, disappointed that his attempt to live a quiet life has failed. Tyreese visits his girlfriend, Karen, who had been infected; he is horrified when he discovers two burnt bodies, one of them Karen’s.
3 “Isolation” Dan Sackheim Robert Kirkman October 27, 2013
IsolationWhile investigating the crash of a military helicopter, Andrea and Michonne are captured by survivors from Woodbury, a small barricaded town with 73 residents. Hospitality is provided to both women and Merle Dixon is revealed to be part of the group, having escaped from the rooftop by amputating his hand. The leader of the community, known only as the Governor, tries to win over the two women though Michonne remains wary. Meanwhile, the sole survivor of the crash, Welles, informs The Governor that he was scouting for a group of ten soldiers who survived their base being overrun. The Governor leads a team to track down Welles’ squad and kills them all for their vehicles, weapons and supplies which he brings back to Woodbury. In his residence that evening, unable to sleep, the Governor rests with a glass of whiskey in a private room watching three rows of aquariums filled with the animated heads of walkers. Among them are Michonne’s pets and Welles.
4 “Indifference” Tricia Brock Matt Negrete November 3, 2013

5 “Internment” David Boyd Channing Powell November 10, 2013
6 “Live Bait” Michael Uppendahl Nichole Beattie November 17, 2013
7 “Dead Weight” Jeremy Podeswa Curtis Gwinn November 24, 2013
8 “Too Far Gone” Ernest Dickerson Seth Hoffman[ December 1, 2013