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You Better Watch Your @$$, One-Eye Bri… The Walking Dead re-cap season 4 episode 07 “Dead Weight”

November 27, 2013   No comments

You’re a deadweight, right straight On your way sunk in the midnight shade. Skies burn, eyes turn Learning to counterfeit their disease… – Beck Part II of the mini-storyline answering the question “What was the Governor doing while the prison ... Read More

We All Change..TWD re-cap season 4 episodes 04.03 “Isolation”, 04.04 “Indifference, & 04.05 “Internment”.

November 17, 2013   No comments

  I will light the match this mornin’, so I won’t be alone Watch as she lies silent, for soon light will be gone I will stand arms outstretched, pretend I’m free to roam I will make my way through ... Read More

I Smell a Rat…The Walking Dead re-cap season 4 episode 2 “Infected”

October 23, 2013   No comments

When Im lyin in my bed at night I dont wanna grow up Nothin ever seems to turn out right I dont wanna grow up As expected, episode 2 of season 4 of The Walking Dead brought about some carnage ... Read More

Part II of The Walking Dead re-cap season 4 premiere “30 Days Without An Accident”

October 15, 2013   No comments

Precious mem’ries how they linger How they ever flood my soul In the stillness of the midnight Precious, sacred scenes unfold… Continued from part I of the season 4 premiere re-cap, found here: http://walkingthewalkingdead.gonnageekhosting.com/2013/10/i-told-you-not-to-give-them-names-the-walking-dead-re-cap-season-4-premiere-30-days-without-an-accident-pt-i/ Any season premiere needs at least ... Read More

I Told You Not To Give Them Names… The Walking Dead re-cap season 4 premiere “30 Days Without An Accident” pt.I

October 14, 2013   No comments

  As I travel on life’s pathway, I know not what the years may hold. As I ponder hope grows fonder, Precious memories flood my soul. Hey, we’re back! Seems like only yesterday it was March 31 and Rick was ... Read More

Lawrence Jilliard Jr in talks to play new role on The Walking Dead!

April 23, 2013   No comments

According to an article on Enstarz.com, it appears that actor Lawrence Jilliard Jr is in serious negotiations to play a new regular character on Season 4. The character’s name is Roy Stark and his description has been posted as “an ... Read More